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Odd news from around the world

Man’s body found in charity clothes bin: “A MAN whose body was found partially hanging out of a clothing charity bin on an inner Sydney street may have been injured while trying to get in. A passerby made the gruesome discovery at Rosebery early on Wednesday morning after they spotted the man’s body dangling out of the charity bin while driving past. Inspector Sam Crisafulli said police were investigating whether the man was injured while trying to climb into the bin. “There are some injuries which we’re not going to disclose at the moment, but we’re still trying to establish how those injuries were caused,” he told reporters on Wednesday. It’s not yet known if the man, believed to be middle-aged, is homeless. “We’re still trying to establish his identity. There were a number of items down there (in the bin) that we haven’t been able to confirm whether they belong to him or belong to someone else,” Insp Crisafulli said at the scene.”

New Zealand girl is strapped to monster truck for fire stunt: “A FATHER who allowed his 13-year-old daughter to be strapped to the front of a monster truck that drove through a burning wall, has been largely applauded for his actions. Don Mazey said his daughter Tori Giles had not been forced to take part in the dangerous stunt and actually aspired to be a stuntwoman. “We didn’t coerce her or anything,” the father-of-20 told Tori, who was also run over by a truck while inside a coffin for a separate stunt, was dressed in a fire retardant suit and wore a helmet before being strapped inside a cage at the front of the truck. She was driven through four burning walls of timber and straw, that had been set alight with petrol for the rural Northern A&P Show at Rangiora in New Zealand. Tori did get some blisters but was not hurt, while the man driving the car Neil Jorgensen, a stuntman with 30 years experience, got what he called “sunburn”.

Deadly Pepsi?: “A mother-of-one drank herself to death with Pepsi Max, an inquest has heard. Victoria Lane, 38, from Clayton, Stoke-on-Trent, died from ‘excessive’ levels of caffeine after downing up to eight litres of the fizzy drink on a daily basis because she enjoyed the taste of it. The inquest heard how Miss Lane had struggled with depression, anxiety and paranoia for years. She had been prescribed drugs, including fluoxetine, to help, but had also started to drink heavily. Because she liked the taste of Pepsi Max, she decided to use it as a mixer for vodka. The drink also helped her with the side-effects of the drugs, which left her with a dry mouth, her mother said. On a daily basis, Miss Lane would drink up to four two-litre bottles of the liquid, the inquest heard. But the combination of the prescription drugs and Pepsi Max led to the ‘excessive consumption’ of caffeine and fluoxetine, which resulted in Miss Lane’s death, a post-mortem examination found.”

Teen takes her KAYAK through McDonald’s drive-thru during floods in South Australia and is served with a smile: “A teen stuck in the relentless South Australian floods was so determined to get her hands on a burger that she took her kayak through a McDonalds drive through – or in this case, a paddle-through. The state has been hammered with rain causing flashed flooding at Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula and, in incredible scenes, has turned roads into lakes. Eighteen-year-old Tamara Barker pulled out the kayak after a thunderstorm and made her way to her local McDonald’s, which was surrounded by a metre of water after a pump failed during the storm overnight.

Woman fighting for her life after being engulfed in flames when she ‘spontaneously combusted’: “A woman is fighting for her life in a German hospital after appearing to spontaneously combust while sitting on a park bench. Flames sprouted from her as a horrified passerby rushed to her and used his jacket to beat out the fire. But she was severely burned over most of her body. The incident occurred in Flensburg, in the north of Germany, on Monday evening. The victim is in her 40’s and comes from Mauritius. ‘The victim has lived in Flensburg for a long time and has family here,’ said the local prosecutor Ulrike Stahlmann-Liebelt who is probing the bizarre blaze. Eye witnesses told local media that the woman didn’t make a sound as the flames engulfed her. Spontaneous human combustion (SHC) is the term used when a human body goes up in flames without an apparent external source of ignition.”

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