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Odd news from around the world

Dangerous sea-serpent washed ashore and alive on city beach: “A highly venomous sea snake washed up alive on a beach in Sydney – thousands of kilometres from where it is normally found. A one and a half metre long Stokes’ sea snake – which is known to live in the tropical waters of Western Australian, Queensland and the Northern Territory – washed up in Manly Cove last week, much to the surprise of local resident Carole Douglas. The formidable marine snake, whose fangs are long enough to pierce a wetsuit, is highly venomous and with no known anti venom, the large ocean serpent is capable of delivering a painful and fatal bite. It is not known how far the Stokes’ sea snake travelled to reach Sydney, however he managed to survive the ordeal and is now being cared for at the sanctuary. Hope from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary told Ms Douglas that while the snake is ‘not out of the woods’ he is definitely on the mend.”

Google translate error sees Spanish town’s annual celebration of vegetable become an X-rated festival: “Officials in Spain were left embarrassed after Google mistranslated the name of a food festival, giving it an X-rated title. The Feira do Grelo in As Pontes de Garcia Rodriguez, a town in Galicia, north-western Spain, is an annual event celebrating rapini – a turnip-like vegetable often used in regional cuisine. But on the Castillian Spanish version of the town’s website, powered by Google Translate, the Galician word for rapini, ‘grelo’, was mistaken for the Portuguese ‘grelo’, a slang term for clitoris. The error meant visitors looking for event information on the Castillian page were directed to one on the ‘fiera clitoris’, or clitoris festival. It read: ‘The clitoris is one of the typical products of Galician cuisine. Since 1981, the festival has made the clitoris one of the star products of the local gastronomy.’ There are also prizes for the best clitoris recipes, it added.”

Swiss football fan ended up sleeping rough on the streets of Italy for TEN YEARS after getting lost: “A football fan ended up sleeping rough for more than ten years after getting lost at the end of a match. Swiss pensioner Rolf Bantle, 71, had travelled to Italy to watch his team FC Basel play Inter Milan in 2004. But after going to the toilet in the stadium, he became disorientated and could not find his friends. He stayed in Milan for more than a decade because he ‘had no commitments’ and ‘enjoyed the freedom’ of living rough, he told Switzerland’s Schweiz am Sonntag newspaper. He was only returned home after falling and breaking his femur and hospital workers spotted he had no health insurance and contacted the Swiss consulate. Mr Bantle is now living in a retirement home in Basel, where his remarkable story has finally emerged.”

Meet Dakoraptor, the biggest winged raptor in the world: 17 foot long ‘missing link’ was as agile and vicious as Jurassic Park stars: “A research team led by a University of Kansas alumnus has identified a new giant raptor, the largest specimen ever found with wing feathers. They say the giant creature is among the largest ever discovered – but was as agile and vicious as the velociraptor. Named Dakotaraptor, the fossil from the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota is thought to be about 17 feet long, making it among the largest raptors in the world. ‘This new predatory dinosaur also fills the body size gap between smaller theropods and large tyrannosaurs that lived at this time,’ KU Paleontologist and co-author David Burnham said. ‘This Cretaceous period raptor would have been lightly built and probably just as agile as the vicious smaller theropods, such as the Velociraptor,’ De Palma said.”

The dog that hates pet doctors: “In this clip, Dudley, a normally sweet and loving Jack Russell, has real aggression when he sees a vet at Eastville Veterinary Centre in Bristol, that means his owner is now too scared to take him. The start of the clip shows owner Katie in the waiting area, visibly upset by the way her pet is acting up. She says how ‘the moment they are in that room, and the door is shut, that’s it.’ The clip then cuts to Dudley growling and screeching, with owner Katie likening it to being ‘possessed.’ We are then told that the only way the vet is safe enough to take a look at Dudley is if the dog is muzzled. Most pets have a hatred for the vet. And sometimes, particularly with angry cats, the feeling is mutual. It’s been estimated that every year, thousands of sick pets in the UK go untreated, simply due to the fact that their owners can’t get them to the vets, or the vets can’t treat them once they have got there.

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