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Odd news from around the world

Mini whale is captured on film for the FIRST time: “The elusive Omura’s whale has been recorded on film for the first time. Footage of the rare and little-known species was captured by an international team of biologists off the coast of Madagascar. Up until now, there had never been a confirmed sighting of the mammal in the wild by scientists and as such their numbers are unknown. ‘They appear to occur in remote regions and are difficult to find at sea, because they are small-they range in length from approximately 33 to 38 feet-and do not put up a prominent blow.’ ‘What little we knew about these whales previously came primarily from eight specimens of Omura’s whales taken in Japanese scientific whaling off the Solomon and Keeling Islands and a couple strandings of dead animals in Japan,’ Cerchio said.”

Court rules condoms don’t deliver orgasms: “In a decision that’s clearly, umm, nuts, a German court has rejected a manufacturer’s claims that a box of seven condoms contains “up to 21 orgasms”. The company defended its advertising pitch, arguing that it counted one orgasm per condom for the man and two for the woman. That’s optimism for you. But the judge wasn’t buying it, concluding the advertising slogan was “deceptive” and could lead to the irresponsible multiple use of condoms. It’s all a bit silly really. I can’t imagine people reusing condoms again and again in a bid to get their money’s worth and reach the elusive 21-orgasm goal per box. In any case, I don’t think we want reality in the world of condom advertising. Surely the dodgy packaging, soft-focus naked bodies on the pack and extravagant claims are all part of the fun of buying a packet of condoms? In fact, it may be the only fun thing about buying condoms.”

Red meat is good for you after all: “One in ten adults – and one in five 16 to 24-year-olds – follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, according to research published last year by market research firm Mintel. The numbers are likely to rise further following last week’s alarming report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which classified processed meat such as bacon and sausages as ‘carcinogenic to humans’ and red meat as ‘probably carcinogenic’. But many health experts advise against giving up red meat altogether. That’s because in its natural state it is a rich source of energy and essential nutrients. ‘Eating red meat brings a lot of health advantages to a balanced diet,’ says Priya Tew, an independent registered dietitian. Most people eat about 70g of red meat per day, which is the amount the NHS says is fine – it’s the equivalent of a small steak every two days. From brain function to fighting off infection, here the experts reveal the many ways that meat, in moderation, is important for good health.

Crazy hats at Australia’s top horse-race: “Excited punters started flowing into Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne as early as 8.30am on Tuesday, dressed to impress in a rainbow of eye-catching and bold outfits. From eye-popping pinks to sky-high millinery, the keen racegoers and their creative get-ups suggest the fashion stakes will be higher than ever as they prepare for the iconic race. With just hours until the main Melbourne Cup race kicks off, the glammed up spectators have filled the racecourse- some dressed to the nines and others using the iconic event to show off their unique style and creativity. From simple figure-hugging numbers to feather-laden fascinators, the race-lovers have stopped at nothing to ensure all eyes are on them.”

New York man returns home after knee surgery to discover the local town DEMOLISHED his house: “A Long Island town hall ordered the demolition of a local resident’s house while he was recuperating from knee surgery in Florida. Philip Williams headed to Florida last December to escape the winter and undergo an operation. But by the time he returned home in August, his home in West Hempstead, Long Island had been razed to the ground. All that remained was an empty lot, covered in grass. Speaking to CBS News, Mr Williams, who is 69, said: ‘You don’t expect to leave and get surgery and come back to find everything gone. I’m outraged. They shouldn’t be able to do that. This was preventable. It’s unjust and a tremendous disservice to me.’ The town sent a number of registered letters to Williams, but he claims he never saw any of them as he was in Florida recovering from surgery. He has instructed local lawyer Bradley Siegel to sue the town for compensation.”

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