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Odd news from around the world

A pansy British cop. What a fragile little diddums!: “A police officer accused his ex-girlfriend of assault after she threw a near-empty box of chocolates at him after he had eaten all but two. Vanessa Farmer, 45, says she has been left with a £5,000 legal bill after throwing the Nestlé Dairy Box at her ex-partner Detective David Clare-Gray. She was arrested and later charged with assault by beating after discovering the officer had only left a praline heart and a nut crunch in the box, which had contained 20 chocolates. She and Mr Clare-Gray, 51, were living together at the time of the incident, but were no longer romantically involved after splitting from a nine-year relationship. Vanessa said the box of chocolates hit him on his ‘big belly’ and it would not have hurt him ‘because he’s fat’. She was arrested at her home in Newent, Gloucestershire, and held in a cell for almost 24 hours. Ms Farmer heard the case had been discontinued on August 10.

Bikini model charged with drug trafficking ‘twisted out of handcuffs in a Houdini-like escape and drove off in a patrol car: “A court has heard of how a bikini model, charged with drug trafficking, allegedly twisted her way out of handcuffs and drove off in a police car. According to a police brief tendered to the Supreme Court when she applied for bail last week, Tarbuck had been handcuffed with her hands behind her back while the arresting officers were busy rescuing her three pedigree dogs who had ran into traffic, as reported by the Herald Sun. It is believed that she wriggled her way out to get her hands in front and drove off in the police vehicle. Tarbuck reportedly took ‘proud’ selfies showing the handcuffs still on her wrists and sent them to a friend, Tarryn Lamos, who then sent the pictures to police. She is now in Brisbane Women’s Correctional Centre, in Wacol, awaiting sentencing for drug trafficking.”

Picasso’s ex-lover claims there are fewer rapes in France because women smile at wolf whistlers: “Pablo Picasso’s former lover has sparked outrage following her claims that fewer women would be raped in France if they just smiled at men. Francoise Gilot claims people should just embrace the ‘eroticism of the streets’ rather than taking offence or being worried. Pablo Picasso was 62 when he first met the beautiful 22-year-old Francoise Gilot in 1943 and they went on to have two children together. Francoise Gilot, now aged 93, has co-authored the book with American writer Lisa Alther. The book covers the ‘dilemmas, benefits and demands of womanhood.’ ‘There are probably fewer rapes in France because people are less repressed,’ Ms Gilot claims in her controversial new book. ‘If a man whistles at you and you smile, that oils the social wheels and eases the tension between the classes and sexes … It’s a kind of give-and-take that acknowledges that the other person exists, so in that sense it’s not treating another person as an object. ‘To take offence all the time makes every relationship disagreeable,’ say Ms Gilot.”

Protest over big phone bill: “A machete-wielding man who was ‘irate over a recent large phone bill’ held up a Virgin Media store for three hours. Police were called to the store in Portsmouth, Hampshire, after customers reported seeing a man waving a knife and making threats. Officers put up a cordon outside the store as they negotiated with him. According to Facebook group Spotted Portsmouth, the man had been ‘irate over a recent large phone bill’ from the telecommunications firm. A 20-year-old was arrested on suspicion of affray. Witness said there had been being a large police presence during the incident today at 12 noon. Cheers and applause could be heard as the man was led out of the shop following the seize. A Hampshire Police spokesman said specialist officers and negotiators were sent to the scene and a knife was recovered by police. The man is being questioned in police custody.

Was Loch Ness monster just a PR invention?: “The much loved and mysterious Loch Ness monster may have been invented by a cunning British public relations consultant, who dreamed up the idea of the creature in a London pub. The claims were made in a new book which suggests the story of the monster was started to encourage people to visit the Scottish Highland following the difficult years of the Great Depression. The monster was invented by DG Gerahty, who was recruited by several Scottish hotels to improve the area’s tourism, claimed Professor Gareth Williams. Professor Williams suggested that the answer to the story behind the monster may lie in a short extract from a semi-autobiographical novel called Marise. In the novel, the narrator described how the story of the monster in the Scottish loch was invented in a pub near Trafalgar square.”

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