The way we were

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For city kids the street was your playground




Odd news from around the world

How BEER makes men better in bed: “It’s long been associated with so-called brewer’s droop after one too many pints. But beer can actually make men better in bed, a sex expert claims. Dr Kat Van Kirk says there are a variety scientific reasons why sinking a few pints can improve a man’s performance in the bedroom. Beer is full of phytoestrogens from the alcohol – and these are scientifically proven to delay orgasm, she told the website askmen. And it’s good news for men who prefer dark beers, such as porters and stouts – as they can expect a boost in libido and longer, more intense erections, she adds. This is due to the high amounts of iron which increases the amount of red blood cells and flow to the penis. This suggests that when drunk in moderation and paired with exercise, beer keeps the heart healthier, giving a man more cardio endurance during sex, she adds.

The long arm of coincidence: “A bearded traveller met his doppelganger on a Ryanair flight after he discovered a stranger sat in his seat. Neil Douglas was shocked to discover his identical twin, Robert Stirling, from London, on the flight from Stansted to Shannon Airport, County Clare, on Thursday evening. Instead of asking the stranger to move the 32-year-old wedding photographer, from Glasgow, took a selfie and shared the image on Twitter. The photograph, which has already been shared nearly 2,000 times, shows the two complete strangers looking strikingly similar due to their bushy ginger beards, smiles and hairstyles. The pair, who were even wearing similar black tops, later realised they were booked into the same Irish hotel and enjoyed a pint together in a nearby pub.”

Real road hogs!: “A police hunt is underway in Colombia for two men who shared their motorcycle with a pair of full-grown pigs. Surprising video footage, captured by a fellow motorist in the northern town of Cerete, shows the two men balancing the pair of animals between them. Despite being only a small motorcycle, the four occupants look unexpectedly comfortable with the unorthodox arrangement. Although their trotters are just inches from the tarmac, the pigs look quite happy with their transport. Their calm demeanour has caused commenters on the Spanish-language news site to speculate that it is probably not the first time they have taken to the road. In the rural area around the town, transporting small numbers of animals in improvised ways isn’t unheard of. But according to Colombian law, animals must be transported in conditions that do not jeopardise their lives or create dangerous conditions on the road.”

Grandmother loses five-year legal battle with her grand-daughter over custody of her CAT: “A Swedish grandmother has been told to hand over a cat to her grand daughter in one of the most unusual and bitter custody battles in Sweden. The legal fight for the lovable feline started in 2002 when the cat was just a three month old kitten. The cat was first given to a girl by her mother and step-father when she was 12-years-old. Several years later, health difficulties left the girl unable to care for the cat, leading the girl’s parents to approach her grandmother. When asked if she would be prepared to look after the cat, the grandmother agreed. The legal case emerged in 2010 when the woman, then aged 20, asked her grandmother for the cat back because she had moved out of her family’s home and had her own property. The grandmother, now aged 76, refused to hand over the cat, leading the woman to take her grandmother to court.”

Friendly horse: “A couple from Tennessee who were having a set of engagement photos taken were interrupted by a passing horse. Lauren Gossett, 25, and Tyler Knox, 26, were posing for pictures at the Terian Farms Event Center in Lebanon, near Nashville, when a horse named Bentley decided to join in the fun. The photograph was taken by Taylor Willis who says the arrival of the horse was a complete surprise. ‘I was standing on the rock and decided to change my angle when the horse decided to move in for a shot. He decided to hang around and make sure to get into a couple more shots after the photobomb.’ The bride’s mother, Amy Gossett, sent the photograph to a local news station. And despite her daughter’s grimace, Taylor says that Lauren actually didn’t mind the horse coming so close to her. ‘He was sniffing her face and just got too close as soon as I snapped. We all laughed after it was over. She thinks the photo is priceless as well as the look on her face!'”

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