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A mother reports:

There’s a nice moon rising on a foggy night. I showed the 3-y-o. Thought the baby might be big enough to be interested. I boost him up on my hip, point at where it’s rising behind the trees and say: Look, sweetie, the moon, up in the sky!

The 3-y-o looks up at me and assures me that the moon is not in the sky. It’s in space.

Yes, we are raising a space pedant.

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Odd news from around the world

China’s poorest men should be made to share wives because of a shortage of women: “A Chinese economics professor has made the daring suggestion that China’s poorest bachelors should group together and share a wife. The post was in response to the recently unveiled statistics that predicted China will have 30 million more men than women by 2020. This means that tens of millions of men will remain single for their entire lives and grow old and die alone. Within Chinese culture, this is unthinkable and has stirred considerable debate. The professor sees the bachelor problem as an economic problem with a monetary solution. He predicted, ‘High income men will find women first because they can afford the high price.’ Offering a solution, he added, ‘What about low income men? One solution is for several people to group together to find a wife. He wrote: ‘The issue of sex will always be solved. If it cannot be solved legally, it will be solved illegally.’ Since the post appeared, the comments have been overwhelmingly negative.”

Australian accent moulded by booze: “UP to 80 per cent of Australians talk like a drunk person, even when they’re sober. Victoria University public speaking and communications tutor and lecturer Dean Frenkel has studied the Australian accent and has discovered an alcoholic slur introduced by early settlers is to blame for our demise. “The one thing in common all the cultures had when they came to Australia was alcohol and it brought people together,” Mr Frenkel told “The early stages of colonial Australia happened under the influence and given that speech is like the flu, it’s contagious, when people talked they were handing these habits down. “There is no doubt that our alcohol culture impacts our speech. “Alcohol to Australians is like guns to Americans and we are teaching our children to speak drunk — it’s so bizarre.” Mr Frenkel said Australians only used two thirds of their articulation capacity, with the other third “left on the couch”.

How the same paper ended up in hundreds of films: “FOR more than 40 years the same newspaper has been popping up in hundreds of different movies and TV shows. It’s been held by Tommy Lee Jones in No Country For Old Men and was read by Ed O’Neill in both Modern Family and Married With Children. So what’s the story behind this famous paper that has racked up more acting credits than Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s actually a prop made by The Earl Hays Press, a Californian company that makes fake products including food and booze labels and mock tabloid covers. It’s much easier for film and TV production companies to buy prop newspapers rather than using real ones. If they wanted to use a copy of a real newspaper they’d have to get approval from the publisher, plus they’d also have to be careful about what stories can be seen on the pages to make sure they fit within the context of the film”.

Food that is too fast altogether: “A Scottish man has shared the grim realities of fast food by posting a photograph of a pathetic-looking burger on Twitter. Danny Allen from Edinburgh bought the Double Rodeo BBQ burger from the recently-opened Burger King restaurant at Fort Kinnaird. He was lured in by the advert which showed a delicious-looking, overflowing Rodeo burger along with the mouth-watering slogan: ‘A true taste of the wild-west. Two 100 per cent flame-grilled beef patties, two breaded onion rings, and cheese. All topped with a western barbecue sauce.’ But Danny’s photo, taken in his car after buying the meal, shows the dismal reality – two shrivelled pieces of meat that do not come close to filling the bun plus a slice of plastic-looking cheese. On the other side lay two soggy-looking onion rings soaked in sauce. Danny shared his disappointment and sent the reality of his food on the Burger King UK Twitter page. He wrote: ‘Paid £6 for this at BK Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird. No wonder the place is like a ghost town.’

Facebook buy-and-sell prankster conned mother into sawing her couch into three pieces: “A young mother was talked into sawing her tatty sofa into three pieces after a joker spotted her advertising it for sale on Facebook. Joe Cordingley contacted mother-of-one Emma Taylor after he spotted the second-hand couch for sale on a local buy and sell site. The 21-year-old then posted humiliating screengrabs of his messages to to Ms Taylor, which showed how he talked her into chopping it up to fit into his boot, covering it with ketchup, and taking a picture of herself with a saw. ‘I know it seems a bit harsh, but she was going along with it. Full-time mum Ms Taylor, who lives with her seven-year-old daughter, Mali, said: ‘When Joe messaged me asking how much, I thought he was being entirely serious. ‘I thought he wanted it for some sort of stage production or a murder mystery night so I just went along with it.”

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