A real Warrant Officer Class 1 in action

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WO1 William Mott OBE MVO, of the British army, was inspecting a Grenadier Guard. The equivalent U.S. rank is Command Sergeant Major. A WO1 has to be the perfect soldier and keep his troops up to standard too. The letters after his name tell us that this is one distinguished soldier. The MVO is in the personal gift of the Queen. What had the guardsman done to earn such a fierce glare? My guess is that he was smiling ever so slightly. But that’s just a guess




Odd news from around the world

Ancient warrior’s tomb and huge treasure hoard found in Greece: “US archaeologists in Greece have uncovered the skeleton of an ancient warrior that has lain undisturbed for more than 3,500 years along with a huge hoard of treasure, the Greek culture ministry announced Monday. The treasure is “the most important to have been discovered in 65 years” in continental Greece, the ministry said. The wooden coffin of the unknown soldier — evidently a person of some importance — was found on the site of the Mycenaean-era Palace of Nestor on Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. He had been laid to rest with an array of fine gold jewellery, including an ornate string of pearls, signet rings, a bronze sword with a gold and ivory handle, silver vases and ivory combs. The jewellery is decorated in the style of the Minoans, the civilisation that flourished on the island of Crete from around 2000BC, with the figures of deities, animals and floral motifs.”

The worm who talked his girl into suicide: “A woman who died in a suicide pact with her boyfriend left a note in her diary begging people not to blame her partner – who survived. An inquest heard how David Cole stole gas canisters and £11,000 from the pub he worked at in Bromsgrove so that he and girlfriend Leonie Roberts, 28, could live out their last days in style. The couple, who had made the suicide pact days before, then sat down together and let off the canisters. But despite experts saying they could release enough gas to kill someone very quickly, Cole, 36, survived the toxic dose, for reasons that remain unclear. Mechanical engineer David Teasdale told the coroner: ‘I cannot give any reason why the male survived and the female did not if they both remained in the vehicle. Police arrested Cole after he admitted they have travelled to Cornwall to end their lives and in August Cole was jailed for four years after he admitted her manslaughter at Exeter Crown Court.

How to cuddle an elephant: “Everybody loves a cuddle – and Ele the baby elephant is no different. But the adorable calf didn’t realise her hefty size when she went in for a hug with her caretaker. Ele, who is only two weeks’ old, was captured on video taking the worker, called Allie, by surprise when she collapsed into her lap at Chai Lai Orchid, a nature retreat in a Thai mountain range. As Allie sat cross-legged on the ground, the elephant walked in front of her and leaned to the left. She then suddenly bent her knees and fell to the floor, pushing her head and body into Allie’s lap. As the caretaker gasped and burst out laughing, Ele then started snuggling into her. As Ele wriggled her legs happily, Allie struggled to get her arms around her. She did, however, manage to pat the elephant affectionately on the stomach and head. Allie has spent every day with Ele since she was born.”

New space engine invented: “Scientists are working on a plasma engine that could take humans to Mars without the need to refuel. The engine, known as a ‘hall thruster’, is currently being used by Nasa to keep satellites and space probes in the right orbit. Now researchers have adapted these electric rocket thrusters so they have the potential to power an entire voyage. Hall thrusters are electric rocket engines that use a 45,000 mph stream of plasma to push spacecraft forward. Because they consume 100 million times less fuel than conventional chemical rockets, a Hall thruster is ideal for exploring Mars, asteroids and the edge of the solar system. The problem is the current lifespan of Hall thrusters, which is around 10,000 operation hours, is too short for most space explorations, which require at least 50,000 operation hours. To prolong the lifespan of Hall thrusters, a team of researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research are working on something known as a wall-less thruster.”

Friendly seal cuddles kayaker: “Dogs and cats are known to cuddle up to their human owners, but it’s a bit more surprising when man’s new best friend leaps out of the ocean. Vincent Fejeran was fishing near the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, California, last spring when he says a seal jumped onto his kayak and refused to leave for nearly an hour. The baby seal was so comfortable with Fejeran that he even let the fisherman take video and several pictures of them together during their meeting. In Fejeran’s video, which he uploaded to YouTube in March, the adorable seal rests his head on the fisherman’s soldier, looking a little bit sleepy. Fejeran says the seal locked on to him for 45 minutes, and refused to leave even when he kayaked back to shore. He was eventually able to lure him back into the water with food. ‘Seals come up to the kayaks all the time,” Fejeran told Inside Edition”

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