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Odd news from around the world

Why there’s nothing sexier than chopping wood!: “You know exactly where you are with a woodpile. It won’t rust. It won’t sue for divorce. It just stands there and does one thing: It waits for winter.’ So writes the author of a new book about firewood. More specifically, a book about one of the most primal activities of mankind: chopping it up and burning it. Part practical guide, part ode to nature, history and traditions, and part exploration of the simple relationship between a man and his fire, it has become a surprise international best-seller. Particularly useful at this time of year, when the nights are drawing in, it tells you everything you might ever need to know about how to source, cut, chop, stack and dry wood; and then light the toastiest, cosiest, least smoky fire possible. Despite the unsexy title of Norwegian Wood — Chopping, Stacking And Drying Wood The Scandinavian Way, it has sold more than 300,000 copies”

A bar for snobs: “‘PLEBS’ have joined the ranks of thongs, breastfeeding, babies and ‘poofter drinks’ as just some of the things controversially banned from various bars and restaurants across Australia. Perth menswear designer Terence Borgioli has declared his new bar, Brera in Subiaco a “pleb” free zone. “Stay away plebs,” he said. Borgioli told news.com.au his definition of ‘plebs’ wasn’t in line with the word’s traditional Roman reference to ordinary people. “It’s poorly dressed and behaved people — it’s not elitism, it’s just about keeping to standards,” he said. According to Borgioli, “trainers, sporting shoes, flannelette clothing, work wear and high vis don’t have a place in the venue”. “Ripped jeans are a contentious issue because someone could have spent $1000 on shredded Dolce & Gabbana jeans so certain elements are on a case-by-case basis,” he said. “It’s more to do with an overall image, presentation and behaviour.” London born Borgioli said he was aiming to attract a “fashionable, mature and well-heeled clientele who still like and know how to party”

What big teeth you’ve got!: “The fossilised teeth of a “large, humungous shark that roamed the ancient seaways approximately 15 million years ago” have washed up on beaches in North Carolina after recent storms, notably Hurricane Joaquin, dredged up the bones from the bottom of the ocean floor. The teeth come from the prehistoric relative of the modern day shark, known as Megalodon. A six-inch tooth found in the fossilised-shark hotspot came from the mouth of a 60-foot Megalodon, which is equal or bigger in size to a school bus. The teeth have been found in record numbers this month.”

Husband divorces his wife after two days because he deemed her ‘unlucky’ when the drapes in their Saudi Arabian home fell down: “A superstitious Saudi man divorced his wife just two days after their wedding because he considered her unlucky when their curtains fell down. The groom thought there was something wrong with his wife after witnessing a string of strange incidents, it has been reported. On the first day of their marriage, the drapes in their home fell down and a waiter serving them fell over during their dinner. He also dropped a bottle of perfume when his wife commented on the smell, according to Saudi news site Al Marsad. The groom reportedly believed this meant his wife would bring him bad luck and decided it would be best to divorce her. The following day he told her parents of his intentions. One blogger congratulated the bride on her ‘lucky escape’ and asked why the groom had not considered that he might be to blame for the incidents. ‘The woman is obviously lucky to move out of the life of an obsessed man with a sick mind,’ he added.”

Intruders slaughter show horse for meat: “A 1,300-pound show horse was slaughtered and butchered at a champion rider’s Florida farm, where he had been moved only days before. Phedras de Blondel had only his head and neck intact when he was found by Debbie Stephens, the owner of the Imperial Farms Equestrian Center in Palmetto. It is believed the 12-year-old gelding was slaughtered for his meat. Stephens had only recently purchased Phedras from a French breeder and planned to ride him in their first Grand Prix competition next month, according to the New York Times. Stephens said Phedras had been expertly carved. ‘He had been filleted,’ she told the newspaper. ‘The slices were so deliberate and so well done that the moment you saw it: This was a professional.’ Stephens is a veteran show jumper and holds the women’s high jump record of 7 feet, 8 inches. Her husband was a co-designer of the show jumping courses for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. The couple and others have raised more than $18,000 toward a reward they hope will lead to an arrest.”

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