Finally, a good short gun story

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A guy walked into a crowded bar, waving his unholstered pistol and yelled, “I have a .45 Colt with an eight shot clip and I want to know who’s been sleeping with my wife.”

A voice from the back of the room called out, “You ain’t got enough ammo!”




Odd news from around the world

Australian homeowner chases young Aboriginal thieves in his chopper: “A RURAL resident chased six young thieves in his chopper after they tried to break into his home Friday. Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Stringer told the NT News the man kept police briefed on the whereabouts of the would-be housebreakers acting as their eye in the sky after the gang fled his Noonamah property. The six young criminals were aged between nine and 14 years of age. He said the four boys and two girls arrived at the Noonamah property following the theft of a vehicle in Palmerston. “It is alleged that the youths then attempted to unlawfully enter a residence in Noonamah before being disturbed by the owner, who contacted police. “The resident, who owns a helicopter, notified police that the youths had fled into scrub land and that he was able to track them with the use of his helicopter. “Police attended and with the help of his eyes in the sky, all six youths were apprehended.” The children aged between nine and 14 were yesterday in custody assisting police with their inquires.

Cracker that survived the sinking of the Titanic is sold for $22,968: “A biscuit cracker that survived the sinking of the Titanic has sold for £15,000 ($22,968) at auction in England. The plain cracker, sold by Henry Aldridge & Son auctioneers in Devizes in Wiltshire, fetched 5,000 ($7656) more than was expected. Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told The Salisbury Journal: ‘It is the world’s most valuable biscuit. We don’t know which lifeboat the biscuit came from but there are no other Titanic lifeboat biscuits in existence to my knowledge.’ The Spillers and Bakers ‘Pilot’ biscuit survived the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 in which over 1,500 people died after the ‘unsinkable’ ship hit an iceberg. According to auctioneers, the sweet was part of a survival kit that was stored within one of the ill-fated ocean liner’s lifeboats. James Fenwick, a passenger onboard the SS Carpathia, which went to the aid of survivors from the ship kept it as a ‘souvenir’ of the disaster.”

150 kilos of gold: “A 150kg haul of gold is set to raise £2.5million at auction next week after a secret smuggling plot was discovered by police. The gold rings, bands and chains are being sold by HM Revenue and Customs after officers intercepted the £9m illegal plot in 2012. Gang leader Chaudry Ali, from Hillingdon, west London, dodged duties and duped officials by swapping bags with couriers at European airports, it was discovered. He was jailed for nine years in 2012 and was later ordered to pay back £4.3m of his criminal profits or face a further ten years in prison. As he had not left the EU, Ali would not have been liable to pay duty on the gold. He had also forged paperwork saying he was a gold dealer.”

An all-white squirrel: “Pure white apart from his currant-black eyes, this squirrel looks like he’s had a run-in with a bottle of bleach. In fact, the ghost-like creature is one of the rarest you’ll see in the UK wild. The squirrel is one of only a handful of greys in Britain suffering from leucism – a mutated gene which turns them white but keeps their eyes black. This means they don’t suffer the sight problems associated with albino squirrels, which have pink eyes. The squirrel was pictured by Andrew Fulton, 59, at Marbury Country Park in Cheshire. There are more than five million grey squirrels in Britain, but wildlife experts reckon fewer than one in a million are born with the leucism gene.”

Papua New Guinea, where TWO THIRDS of young women sell sex for money: “To teenaged girls selling sex on the streets of Papua New Guinea’s capital, Port Moresby, Bertha* is both a mother figure and a pimp. Bertha, aged in her 40s, is matter-of-fact about the role she plays in the young girls’ lives as she negotiates the prices customers will pay for sex with them and dispenses condoms and ‘safe sex’ advice. ‘Someone calls me and I have to go and look for them and make deals for them and then they go together. I introduce the girls to the customers.’ While the exact number of sex workers in PNG is not known, the United Nations has estimated that as many as two in three girls aged between 15 and 24 in Papua New Guinea have exchanged sex for money, food, shelter – or even payment school fees. Prostitution, brothels and homosexuality are all illegal in PNG, and women and men who choose to sell sex do so at their own risk and outside the health, security and other controls that regulate sex industries in other countries.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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