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Odd news from around the world

Water dogs heart dolphins: “Two curious golden retrievers took to the water to swim with a school of dolphins off the coast of Scotland. David Ferrier was walking his dogs Morgan and Riley along the beach at Kilnaughton Bay on Islay when they spotted the dolphins in the water. The dogs were desperate to get up close and personal with the dolphins so ran into the water to swim towards them. Their owner, Mr Ferrier, 54, eventually calls the pair to stop them getting out of their depth. But as they are making their way back to the shore, yet more dolphns can be seen surfacing around them – and the dogs can’t resist sticking around for longer. And every time the dolphins resurface, the dogs swim in their direction to play with them. Mr Ferrier said the pair spent ten minutes at sea- swimming and playing with the dolphins, before returning to the shore. ‘Water is not a problem for Morgan and Riley – the dogs are bred for recovering birds from shoots, so they’re water dogs.’

Woman takes on a punchbag machine – and the machine fights back: “The woman was on holiday with her family in Turkey when she decided to take on a punchbag machine and lost. She was captured on camera landing the shot, before being struck in the face as the bag swings back. Moments before taking the shot, the woman, who has not been named, can be heard receiving encouragement. ‘Come on Mum,’ a male voice says before telling a young boy to get out of the way. As the woman stumbles backwards, laughter can be heard coming from behind the camera. This is not the first time that a punchbag mishap has been caught on camera. Last year a man’s attempt to kick a punchbag in a takeaway ended with him flat on his back.

Poster misleads schoolkid: “A schoolboy who perfectly memorised his multiplication tables still managed to get one less than top marks – because the discount store poster he’d been using to learn got its 12 times table wrong. Kelly Haynes was livid when her eight-year-old son came home from school ‘distraught’ because he’d been marked down on his maths. Incensed Kelly, 25, from Islington, north London, bought learning aids from her local branch of 99p Stores, which contained a schoolboy howler on the 12 times table. The dud poster claimed 12 x 12 was 148, not the correct 144. ‘He had a test one Friday and came back really upset and said “I got one wrong I put 148 for 12 x 12 and they said it was a mistake but it’s not.” After removing the poster, furious Kelly stormed back to the shop to give the selling staff a bit of her mind. Bosses at 99p Stores have since apologised. They’ve attributed the blunder to an issue with the manufacturer who supplied the faulty wall charts. ‘They will be in contact soon and send a poster free of charge.’

Mastercard posts photo of fans at the World Cup – only for an Australian man to get dumped by his girlfriend when she saw it because she thought he was in London ‘for work’: “An Australian rugby fan claims to have been dumped by his girlfriend after he told her he was in London for work – only for Mastercard to post a photo of him on Facebook celebrating at the World Cup. Matthew Hannibal took to Mastcard’s Facebook page on Thursday to thank them for posting the photo last week and effectively ending his relationship. ‘Unfortunately I told my girlfriend at the time that I was travelling to London for ‘business’ and needless to say I am now single. ‘To be fair it was never going work out, she’s 6’9’ and I’m afraid of heights. ‘Flight to London – $2,200, Aus V England tix – $450, losing girlfriend to see Australia beat England – worth it,’ he wrote in reference to the company’s popular ‘priceless’ advertisements. Mastercard responded early on Friday apologising for ‘such a dramatic turn of events’. ‘At MasterCard we believe you shouldn’t give up on love. To help patch things up with your ex, we’d be happy to arrange a romantic, candle-lit, three course dinner for the two of you, on us,’ the company wrote.

Another banana miracle: New drug made from the fruit can kill viruses including hepatitis C and flu: “Scientists have made a ‘wonder drug’ out of bananas that can kill off a wide range of viruses – including hepatitis C, flu and AIDS. It is hoped the new medicine will become a vital ‘broad spectrum anti-viral’ that could protect humanity from some of the most vicious diseases. The key ingredient is a protein found in bananas called banana lectin, or ‘BanLec’. It was first discovered five years ago – and considered as a potential AIDS treatment. But it caused nasty side effects that scientists have now overcome. BanLec works by clinging to sugar molecules found on the surface of some of the world’s deadliest viruses. Once the drug has locked on to the virus, it is rendered harmless – and can easily be disposed of by the body’s immune system. In tests on mice, the new form of BanLec, called H84T, stopped them getting the flu – without the increased inflammation earlier versions had caused. The key question now, he stressed, was whether the drug will work in humans.”

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