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Odd news from around the world

Parkinson’s victims ‘brought back to life’: “Patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease have ‘come back to life’ after being given a cancer drug, said scientists. In dramatic scenes reminiscent of the Robin Williams film Awakenings, in which a drug was used to awaken catatonic patients, one wheelchair-bound patient was able to walk again. Others regained the ability to speak or were able to enjoy pleasures such as reading a book once more after taking the drug during a study. Researchers now hope the ‘life-changing’ drug – a leukaemia treatment called nilotinib – will also work for those with brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s. The fact the drug has already gone through extensive testing in cancer patients should speed up the approval process for its use treating other conditions. It is thought nilotinib clears away toxic proteins that accumulate in the brain cells of Parkinson’s patients, so freeing them to make dopamine.”

How I foresaw my grandfather’s death: “She’s an English teacher whose paranormal powers, which science can’t explain, have made her one of the world’s top psychics. “As a clairvoyant, I have long been able to gather information about people and events through means other than my five senses. It all started on a beautiful summer day as my mother prepared to drive off to see my grandparents. She’d arranged to leave me behind with my brother and we were splashing around in our swimming pool. But all of a sudden I felt something deep in my bones. It was inexplicable, ice-cold panic. I screamed: ‘Wait! I have to come with you!’ I spent the next few hours with my grandfather, laughing and singing and telling jokes. It would be the last time I saw him alive. Three weeks later he was dead —and the instant I was told, I understood why I’d been in such a panic. I’d known he was going to die.

Amazing time-capsule home reverse-restored to reflect Australian life as it was 161 years ago: “Tucked away in a Melbourne suburb is a home that looks like it has not changed in 150 years – because it has not. The house, including the interior, decorations and furniture look like those from a old wood cabin, perhaps because the house was built in 1854 and it has been kept much the same for the past 161 years. But the home in St Kilda, one of Melbourne’s oldest original homes, is up for sale almost 30 years after its present owners bought it. Looking at photos of the home’s interior is like looking back in time. Even the floor plan of the three bedroom, one bathroom home is unusual – but in keeping with the time period in which it was built. The owners, a couple who purchased the property in 1989, engaged in a project to restore it back to its original condition. The home even has the original bathroom intact – and separate from the interior

Home to black magic and the entrance to hell: “The title of spookiest city has many European contenders but you might not think that Turin in the Northern Italian region of Piedmont would be one of them. A walk through the swirling mists along the banks of the river Po on an autumn evening might begin to persuade you otherwise. But even more compelling evidence can be found in the city’s history that reveals its reputation as a centre of black magic and mystery and makes it an ideal Halloween holiday destination. Turin is also reputed to be the location of the gates of Hell, said to be near a statue located in the Piazza Statuto. This, and the surrounding area, are known to some as the ‘black heart’ of the city. Here, many years ago the Romans would execute those who had been sentenced to death. Later it was the site of Turin’s gallows. The condemned would be buried in a cemetery beneath the piazza and stretching to the streets beyond.”

How to spot a criminal mastermind: Fraudsters are more likely to be well-educated, sociable and in their 40s: “Criminal masterminds are more likely to be well-educated, socialable and in their 40s, a new study has revealed. Research conducted over two years showed that many are a breed away from other crooks but share similar personality traits. Interviews with 17 fraudsters and corrupt officials showed the wide range of paths to corruption and revealed how many shared an ability to deceive to get what they want. The group of criminals interviewed, which included 15 men, had all been caught for offences, including overseas bribery, misconduct in a public office and defrauding their own firms. Most of the group were better-educated, some to degree level, and were more socialable than the average criminal. The peak age of offending for other crimes is 17, while the majority of the group were over 40. The research revealed that some felt they were doing nothing wrong, while others were driven to crime by their desire for material wealth and others thought they were too clever to get caught.”

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