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Odd news from around the world

British table manners becoming more American: “Holding your knife in your right hand and your fork in the left has long been an essential dining table rule of polite society. But increasingly, it seems, the younger generation are rejecting the etiquette of their elders. Instead, a survey has found, many under-30s prefer to eat one-handed with a fork, while one in five adopt the American ‘cut and switch’ technique, putting the knife down and moving the fork from left to right hand in order to transfer food to mouth. This is news that Sam Taylor, editor of The Lady magazine, finds hard to swallow. ‘The young are quite lazy, particularly in the way they go through meals with their head bowed over their telephones,’ she said. ‘The reason they are using one hand and the switch method is that they are using their other hand to work their mobile. ‘They are rather bad dinner guests”

Jackie owners don’t want their dogs to be pedigreed: “They’re the much-loved dogs whose distinguished owners include the Duchess of Cornwall and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. But fans of the Jack Russell terrier are howling with rage after the Kennel Club decided it should be recognised as a pedigree breed for the first time in Britain. It would mean the dogs – until now considered a mongrel – will be eligible to enter the show ring, including the world’s biggest canine competition, Crufts. Some owners have insisted the Jack Russell should be considered a working dog – traditionally used to catch rats and other vermin on farms – and that the decision was a ‘disaster’ which goes against the dogs’ nature as charming ‘rogues and scallywags’. The constitution of the Jack Russell Club of Great Britain states: ‘History has shown Kennel Club recognition to be detrimental to the physical structure and working capabilities of a variety of working breeds. Therefore this club is opposed to recognition.'”

The Sydney railway station designed for the dead is to be opened to the living: “IT LIES in plain sight just metres from Australia’s busiest transport interchange; thousands of passengers passing it daily; but this little known Sydney railway station harbours a spinechilling secret. Locating the Regent Street station on any map is a struggle, if you should stumble across its rusting gates you’ll find them locked and creaking in the wind, while the solemn building is more church than train. But maybe you don’t want to find yourself waiting for a train at this platform because it could be the last journey you’ll ever make. This railway building, otherwise known as Mortuary station, was designed for one very creepy purpose — to carry Sydney’s dead to their final resting place. Operations director of Sydney Trains, Tony Eid, said the station opened in 1869 and “trains would arrive at the station, mourners could buy a ticket, there would be a small ceremony, the family would hop on and the coffin travelled free”.

Newlyweds getting big on buddymoons: “Honeymoons, baby-moons, mini-moons and maxi-moons have now been joined by “buddymoons” where newlyweds take their mates along to celebrate the end of single life. “Guests have travelled far to attend the wedding so it makes sense for the non-traditional couple to prolong the group trip,” Mr Walley said. “There are a number of benefits to the buddymoon, not the least of which is the fun-factor but couples can also subsidise the cost of the holiday with group discounts and self-contained properties.”

The top secret facility buried 300-feet below NYC Grand Central: “More than 750,000 visitors pass through the doors of Grand Central Terminal in New York City each day, but many of them are probably unaware of the secret subterranean operations room that lies 300 feet below the building and was targeted by the Nazis during World War II because of its importance. The closely guarded sub-basement ten stories underneath the iconic railway station is called M42 but it does not appear on maps or in blueprints and its existence was not even acknowledged publicly until the 1980s. M42 became a target for Hitler after someone who used to work at the terminal informed the Nazis about the rotary power converters that were at work converting alternating current electricity to direct current electricity and powering the railways the Allies were relying on to transport equipment and troops across the northeastern United States. The rotary converters were working around the clock seven days a week, but they could be stopped by simply pouring a bag of sand into them.”

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