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Odd news from around the world

Another portable ‘gun’ to halt drones mid-air: “From flying over people’s houses to straying over military areas, drones can be a nuisance. Now a company has come up with a ‘gun’ to stop drones in their tracks without blasting them to pieces. The ‘DroneDefender’ uses radio pulses to halt a radio-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in mid-air from 1,312 feet (400 metres) before forcing it to land or retreat. The system, which is described as ‘the first portable, accurate, rapid-to-use counter-weapon to stop suspicious or hostile drones in flight, providing critical security protection at home and abroad,’ could be used by the US military as soon as next year. The rifle-like anti-drone system, developed by Battelle Innovations in Columbus, Ohio, uses radio pulses to interrupt the communication system of the drone, tricking it into thinking it is out of range. The UAV’s safety protocols then kick in so it either returns to its owner, hovers or lands. The gun can be fired within 0.1 seconds of starting up and has enough battery to be switched on for five hours”

Kid’s car grows up: “An adult-sized roadworthy version of the iconic ‘Cozy Coupe’ Little Tikes children’s car is being sold for £35,000 on eBay. John Bitmead, from Bicester, Oxfordshire, spent four months creating his version of the child’s toy, and copied every detail from the yellow roof, to glassless windows and over-sized drinks holder. But he’s now decided to put the vehicle, which has a 800cc engine and can do 0-60 in 17 seconds, up for sale on the auction website. The 48-year-old mechanic took apart a Daewoo Matiz to create the vehicle and estimates it’s cost more than £35,000 in parts and man hours of 16 weeks to build in November 2013. The advert says: ‘We have covered over 5,000 miles in the past two years driving around shows and charity events in the UK and apart from it not being the fastest car on the planet has been the most incredible fun with people queuing up to take photos along dual carriageways and highways on every trip. Guaranteed to create smiles wherever it goes!”

Fussy kid says cheese from Whole Foods not stinky enough: “Most children shy away from strong-tasting foods until their palate is of an age for them to appreciate the flavour. But this toddler is a connoisseur and if his cheese isn’t stinky enough – and complimented with ‘fancy crackers’ – he just won’t touch it. In the clip the young boy was filmed sitting in the little pull out chair on the front of a trolley with tears streaming down his face. Writing alongside the video, Chris said: ‘My son is a very picky eater. Picky as in, he has very refined taste. ‘He won’t eat cheddar cheese and needs to have ‘stinky cheese’ and fancy crackers. ‘This is a video of him crying in front of the Whole Foods cheese counter. ‘It went on for about five minutes… I held up every cheese for him to sniff, but nothing was ‘stinky enough’.'”

Star wars home: “A luxurious futuristic mansion is set to be a force on the property market – because it looks like the Millennium Falcon. The stunning four-bedroom Alkira in the Daintree rainforest, near Cape Tribulation, in Queensland, Australia, has attracted comparisons to the iconic Star Wars spaceship with the battleship grey colour and shape of the home bearing a stark resemblance Han Solo’s legendary craft. The space age home, which was built in 2009 after being drawn up by Melbourne designer Charles Wright in 2006, has been a star in the tropical forests in eastern Australia and has even scooped a 2014 Queensland architecture award. Owner Rod Perry, 68, insists that the out-of-this-world design is the work of a ‘genius’ and it has inspired homes in equally humid climates in Asia. Surrounded by forests on one side, 2,500ft mountains on the other and even 600 yards of personal beach, the house may not be able to escape the Empire at hyperspeed – but it makes for a dream home.”

Serial burglar finally caught after girl, 11, gave police a stick-figure sketch of him: “An 11-year-old girl has been honored by police after her stick-figure drawing of a burglary suspect led to the criminal being arrested. Rebecca DePietro, from Stratford, Connecticut, had her house burgled several months ago and made the drawing when police called to ask if the family had seen anything or anyone suspicious. DePietro thought nothing would come of it, but in fact the sketch led officers to Pedro Bruno, who was arrested and has now confessed to 10 burglaries, including the one at DePietro’s house. Speaking to NBC about the moment police asked if she had seen anyone suspicious, she said: ‘I was like, yeah I can draw a picture of him. ‘It wasn’t like the best picture, it was just a head and some legs and I thought “oh he’s probably just going to crumple it up and throw it out”.’ But police actually used the drawing to superimpose it over the faces of various suspects, and found it was a match for Bruno.”

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