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Odd news from around the world

Is sex nature’s way of curing kidney stones?: “They are known for causing excruciating pain that some argue is worse than childbirth. Now, it seems there may be a novel way to deal with the curse of kidney stones – small ones, at least. Rather than take medication or undergo treatment, it appears that regular sex may be alternative – and more successful solution. Turkish doctors claim men who had intercourse three to four times a week more more likely to spontaneously ‘pass’ a kidney stone than those who didn’t. These stones can form when minerals, including calcium, oxalate and uric acid, clump together to form hard stones, which can be up to 4-5cm across or even bigger.

Goat arrested: “Sunny the goat, who was captured by Victoria Police in late August, can be heard letting out an unusual scream as he writhes and squirms in an attempt to free himself from authorities. Police were called to Ridley Street, Albion, in Melbourne’s west, on August 22 after a concerned local spotted the kid wandering the streets. The male officer bundled the stubborn goat into his arms, with back up only metres away, after he spent some time trying to corner the barnyard animal. ‘There was a bit of a stand off before the arrest,’ Victorian Police posted on Facebook. A picture of a defeated Sunny – standing in the back of a paddy wagon – with a coy look on his face was also uploaded to the Brown Cardigan thread. The blood curdling scream that can be heard coming from a distressed goat’s mouth sounds a lot like that of a human and started attracting attention online a few years ago.”

Amazing spiderwoman in China: “A brave mother saved her neighbour’s three-year-old daughter by effortlessly scaling five storeys of a residential building. The little girl had been hanging by her head through the burglar grill outside the window of her home in Huizhou, southern China. She had been left at home alone by her grandmother when she wandered outside. The rescuer, named as Chen Xiaoli, was at home around 9pm local time when a neighbour informed her that a girl had fallen out of the window. Chen Xiaoli took off her shoes and started to climb the five storeys to where the girl was trapped. When the 28-year-old reached the girl, she found the child was heavier than she thought. Her quick thinking neighbours brought out tied bedsheets and ropes so she could tie herself and the girl to the burglar grill. Chen Xiaoli held on to the position for close to an hour until the fire department arrived and were able to break into the home and rescue both of them.”

Pop-up forest in a DESERT which only blooms for three months a year: “Oman’s amazing overnight transformation from arid desert to breathtaking rainforest has been revealed in a series of photographs. The once-a-year sensation, which is known as the Salalah Khareef, or the Salalah Monsoon, transforms a huge tract of land seemingly overnight into a picturesque emerald haven for locals and animals – including hundreds of camels. It takes place for three months a year, from the end of July to the beginning of September, and sees average temperatures drop from a scorching 50 degrees to a cool 20. The dry conditions nine months of the year means that Salalah does not have permanent lakes or running rivers – but during the monsoon waterfalls can be seen flowing over the cliffs. The oasis is situated on a 155 mile stretch of land – similar to the length of Jamaica – and at its deepest, the monsoon only extends about 18 miles from the shore.”

Chinese mother forces teenage son to parade the streets with one arm SHACKLED to his ankle because ‘he refuses to work’: “A teenager was spotted walking on the high street of a Chinese town with one arm and one leg chained together last week. A middle-aged woman, who appeared to show no mercy, followed closely behind in Xiangzhu town in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. The woman said she was the teen’s mother and she was punishing him for not wanting to go to work. The clip shows the teenager was forced to walk with his left hand and leg chained together. His neck was also wrapped with chains. The middle-aged mother, who remained unidentified, said her son ran away from home a few times because he didn’t want to work. In order to punish him, she decided to take the teenager on the humiliating tour in order to teach him a lesson. In the two-minute-long clip, the son did not say a single word. Xu Haijun eventually removed the chains around the teen’s neck, and uncoupled his arm and ankle.

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