Which man is the more worthy?

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I guess it’s a matter of opinion




Odd news from around the world

Yummy turtle in Northern Australia: “A particularly ruthless crocodile has been filmed snacking on a helpless turtle, crunching down loudly on its hard shell exterior before swimming off calmly, teeth clamped down firmly on its prize. The video begins with the huge croc pouncing on the turtle, grinding its teeth on its protective shell. The video captures the harsh grinding sound of the crocodiles teeth meshing against the turtles shell. The video concludes with the crocodile securing the turtle in his mouth and swimming away, as other crocodiles catch a whiff of his dinner. The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles, can grow over five metres long and weigh a whopping 1000 kilograms. Its bite is the strongest of any animal in the world, certainly capable of piercing a turtles shell – which is in fact a complex shield that contains all the vital organs of the turtle.

Total nudity is non-negotiable at a bathhouse in the German spa town of Baden-Baden: “Mark Twain had it right when he said of Germany’s Friedrichsbad bathhouse: “After 10 minutes here you forget time, after 20 minutes, the world.” I’d add that you quickly forget you’re starkers, too. For almost 140 years, everyone from celebrities and royalty to the chronically ill have flocked to Friedrichsbad, in the small southwestern spa city of Baden-Baden, less than an 1 ½ hours by train from Frankfurt. Nicknamed Europe’s summer capital by high society types in the 19th century, Baden-Baden still exudes a regal air today. Men and women bathe together, too, though on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays the sexes are divided in all but the last stages. At this point, I’m guessing, many modest types bow out and head next door to Caracalla Spa, a more modern, bathers-on affair.

Dysfunction at the heart of Coca-Cola: “COKE Life is the spork of drinks. The new Coca-Cola beverage in the green packaging is a mashup between Coke and Diet Coke, with 35 per cent lower kilojoules. And like the spork (part spoon, part fork!) Coke Life is turning out to be one of those great inventions nobody really wanted. Sales for the sort-of-healthy cola were reported at 7 million litres in five weeks, half as much as Vanilla Coke managed in the same period. Life represented just 2.5 per cent of total Coke sales in the month of June, after launching in April. Coca-Cola’s Australian spokesperson claims they never meant Coke Life to be a big hit, that the “launch was very successful,” and that the point of Coke Life is to introduce the plant sweetener Stevia to the local market. For some reason though, Coca-Cola has been doing unusually heavy discounting of its whole product line in recent months to boost sales. In September Coke was briefly cheaper than Pepsi for the first time in years”

Intruder beaten by a girl: “WHEN an intruder broke into a woman’s home he met more than her bargained for — a combat fighter and roller girl, who pummelled him into submission. Karen Dolley, known as Foul Morguean in the Naptown Roller Girls team, was asleep in her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, when she woken by the sound of a male voice. Dolley, 43, who is 168cm tall, jumped out of bed, turned on the lights and saw an intruder standing in her living room, the Indianapolis Star reported. Dolley, who learned medieval combat fighting in international organisation The Society for Creative Anachronism, attacked the intruder, punching him about 10 times and pinning him in her bedroom. She then reached for her gun in a nearby drawer but accidentally opened the wrong drawer. Dolley then grabbed a Japanese-style sword called ninjato, which she kept by her bed. She kept the intruder, 30-year-old jacob Wessel, cornered with the sword and dialled for the police, who duly arrested Wessel on arrival.”

Mysterious garbage collector inspires Australian community: “A MYSTERIOUS dishevelled man who has been photographed voluntarily clearing Cairns streets of rubbish has won the hearts of hundreds in the community. Brinsmead truck driver Luke Carrier said his “heart sank” after spotting the man picking up garbage on the corner of Moody and Pease streets in Manunda about 3.40pm on Tuesday. “At first I was looking at him being judgmental, but when I saw he was picking up rubbish … I thought here’s someone who is a better man than me. “That street’s full of rubbish … he’s taken it upon himself … the look on his face, he knows he’s fighting a losing battle but he still does it anyway.” He said he was calling on anyone who had a spare handheld garbage grabber to donate it to the man, and planned on offering to buy him a beer the next time he saw him. “I hope he knows Cairns supports people like him,” Mr Carrier said.”

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