Testiness in India

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Odd news from around the world

Rent-a-girlfriend trend in China: “If you’ve ever lamented over being single then spare a thought for the bachelors in China. The intense social pressure to marry early in the country has seen many bachelors bringing home colleagues and friends as ‘girlfriends’ to meet their parents. Now, that social trend has become a growing business on mobile apps with girls offering escort services for a fee. The past week-long national holiday has seen a particular surge in the business as men paid up to 1,000 Yuan (£100) to hire a ‘girlfriend’ they barely known in a bid to please family members, reported People’s Daily Online. Marriage is an issue that’s unavoidable and inescapable in China where it is often considered de rigueur for people, especially women, to get married by the time they are 27. After this nominal age, single men and women are referred to as ‘leftover’ – a mar on their social status.”

Rare puppies: “These aren’t just any old puppies. They are an extremely rare breed called the Phu Quoc ridgeback (pronounced ‘foo kwok’). They behave like ordinary seven-week-old dogs, yelping adorably and running rings around anyone who gets in their way. Originating on a remote Vietnamese island, there are only 800 of them registered worldwide. These dogs have a longer lifespan than most — they’ll be your companions for 15 years. ‘Phu Quoc ridgebacks are amazing. They can climb trees, swim and run faster than other dogs. They have webbed feet, black-spotted tongues and a distinctive ridge of fur along their backs, like a mohawk.’ Their unusual sharp claws are thought to have come from their days as pack hunters; while the webbed feet — entirely unique in a dog breed — evolved thousands of years ago when the dogs would swim to catch fish in food-scarce Asia. Not only that, but the dogs’ rarity — a decade ago they were close to extinction — makes them uniquely pure, as they have never been cross-bred or exposed to dogs outside their gene pool.”

American scientist tracks down one of world’s rarest birds and then KILLS IT for ‘research’: “An American research team tracked down a rare bird, took the first ever photograph of it, and shortly killed it thereafter last month. Chris Filardi, director of Pacific Programs at The Museum of Natural History, is defending his choice to slaughter the bird which he says was ‘collected as a specimen for additional study.’ The male moustached kingfisher is found only in the Solomon islands and specifically one called Guadalcanal where Filardi was ‘surveying endemic biodiversity and working with local partners to create a protected area’, according to a Facebook post Filardi made from the American Museum of Natural History page on September 24. Filardi writes about how he was in awe at spotting the bird after hearing its signature ‘kokoko-kiew’ call. The Do Do reports that Dr. Filardi’s choice to kill the bird has divided the scientific community over the morality of killing animals for research.”

Classic bomber saying goodbye: “The world’s last flying Vulcan has begun its farewell tour of the UK following a decision to permanently ground the iconic jet earlier this year. Members of the public have been tweeting pictures of the four-engine bomber flying over their homes as it makes loops of the country as part of its two final missions today and tomorrow. Following its £75,000 tour of Britain the Cold War veteran jet will take to the sky for the final time later this month. The Avro Vulcan, which saw action in the Falklands, took off at 1pm and flew towards Scotland before looping back round in the direction of where its flight began. It was piloted by Martin Withers, who broke the record for the world’s longest bombing mission in April 1982. The aircraft was delivered in 1960 and continued in service with the RAF until 1993. It underwent a major rebuild and flew again in October 2007.

Diet Pepsi sales plunge as customers complain the taste has been ruined after a change in the recipe: “Diet Pepsi sales have continued to plunge as customers complain that replacing controversial sweetener aspartame has ruined the taste of the drink. While the firm say the new sweetener was approved by three quarters of customers in tests, Pepsi purists have complained that the new soda is too sugary and is putting them off. David Zimdars, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been drinking diet Pepsi for 30 years and claims to have a two-month stockpile of the old recipe drink at his house. Speaking to Yahoo Finance, he said: ‘It has a nasty aftertaste, and it’s sickly sweet. You have to wash it out with water.’ Worse still for Pepsi, Zimdras says he plans to break with the habit of a lifetime and swap to diet Coke when his stash runs out. All of PepsiCo’s diet soda sales fell 6.6 per cent in the U.S. in the four weeks ended Sept. 19, as the new Diet Pepsi was rolling out nationwide.”

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