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Odd news from around the world

Hapless crook doused with boiling oil: “A would-be burglar was doused in boiling oil and smashed square on the face with a wok by the owners of a Chinese takeaway stall he was trying to rob. Hapless Mark Leadbeatter was left with severe burns to his face and neck after his failed raid on the Oriental food van in a library car park in East Sussex. His police mugshot showed just how bad he was hurt by the three women who fought him off, with his face clearly ravaged by heavy bruises and burns as he stands with medical bandaging wrapped around his skull. The 53-year-old, from Pulborough, East Sussex, will now spend time behind bars for the attempted robbery. He was sentenced to four years in jail after managing to steal cash from the Wings Chinese Takeaway van, parked in Billingshurst Library Car Park, on May 2. As he tried grabbing more, he was beaten back by the fast food joint’s three female workers. ‘He reached over to a tin and in a struggle a wok with hot fat in was spilt over the suspect and one of the women. He was found collapsed in Coombe Hill and arrested.

UK airport using Star Wars-style £8,000 ‘lightsaber’ to scare off birds: “To combat the threat of bird strikes causing damage and delays to aircraft one UK airport is using Star Wars as inspiration. Dundee Airport in Scotland is using a space-age ‘lightsaber’ to scare off the feathered animals. The £8,000 hand-held gadget emits a bright green light that has a range of over a mile. Andrew Lindsay, fire manager at Dundee Airport, said: ‘Lasers have been found to be a very effective way of dispersing birds as they see the beam as a perceived threat and will fly away from it in the opposite direction. ‘It does have something of the look of Star Wars about it, but it obviously has a serious purpose – to keep the airfield clear of birds and thus ensure the safety of aircraft.’ The laser technology was developed by a Dutch company. Dundee adopted the Aerolaser system after Lindsay visited Southampton Airport, where the system was in use.”

Suspicious petals: “Detector dogs working at Auckland airport in New Zealand recently intercepted a love letter sent from Australia. The romantic gesture was identified by its smell – the letter was full of fresh red rose petals, a give-away for the border security detector dog Cleo, a beagle – and not allowed into the country due to the risk of it carrying plant diseases or insects. While the letter was not allowed into New Zealand, biosecurity officers did not want the recipient to miss out, the New Zealand Herald reported. Instead, border security staff took a photograph of the romantic message to send on to the recipient. A spokesman said the detector dogs sometimes identified fresh rose petals, but usually around Valentines Day, the Herald reported. Detector dogs such as Cleo were helpful for identifying items like the petals because it was hard to do so using an x-ray.”

Strange giant fish: “Astonishing footage has captured the moment deep sea divers came face-to-face with a giant sunfish basking in warm waters off the coast of Portugal. The video shows the sunfish – a creature renowned for its huge size and strange appearance – cruising through the ocean as the group of divers swim alongside it. Surrounding the giant fish as it opens and closes its gaping mouth, the divers are armed with recording equipment to capture the incredible interaction. Sunfish are the largest fish in the world to have skeletons made from bone, rather than cartilage, and can weigh a staggering 2,200lbs. Although they are huge and often terrifying in appearance, they are actually harmless and feed mostly on jellyfish. Docile by nature, they are considered a delicacy in parts of Japan and Taiwan, and can often be seen basking at the ocean’s surface on their side.

Birds DID evolve soon enough to fly above the dinosaurs: “The are one of the oldest families of animal on the planet. The earliest of them, the famed Archaeopteryx, lived 150 million years ago in what is today southern Germany. However, whether these early birds were capable of flying over the dinosaurs they shared the Earth with has remained shrouded in scientific controversy. The new discovery, published in the journal Scientific Reports, analysed the intricate arrangement of the muscles and ligaments that controlled the main feathers of the wing of an ancient bird, supporting the notion that at least some of the most ancient birds performed aerodynamic feats in a fashion similar to those of many living birds. ‘The anatomical match between the muscle network preserved in the fossil and those that characterize the wings of living birds strongly indicates that some of the earliest birds were capable of aerodynamic prowess like many present-day birds,’ said Chiappe, the investigation’s senior scientist.”

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