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Odd news from around the world

Runner’s high triggers the same part of the brain as MARIJUANA: “Most people who run or work out regularly have experienced ‘runner’s high’. It describes a feeling of euphoria after exercising, which is often combined with decreased anxiety and a higher tolerance to pain. Now a new study has found it also provides a similar effect to smoking marijuana by triggering the brain’s cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain. The study, led by Oxford University, studied cannabinoid receptors in mice after running. Previous research has suggested that runner’s high is caused by raised levels of beta-endorphins, which triggers the same effects as morphine. But in their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers detail how these endorphins are too big to get through the blood-brain barrier. Instead, they say runner’s high is more likely to be linked with cannabinoid receptors in the brain.”

Wild raccoon adopted as an injured baby cub becomes a family pet: “Pumpkin the raccoon isn’t like other animals of her kind. She lives in a house in the Bahamas, knows how to use a toilet – and also happens to think she is one of the family’s pet dogs. The furry creature’s exploits are so strange and adorable, in fact, that her family documents them for nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram. ‘We are very lucky with her and always want and will do what is best for Pumpkin,’ her owner, Laura Young, told The Dodo. It’s all good: It is legal to own a raccoon as a pet in the Bahamas, where Pumpkin lives. Pumpkin was first discovered by Laura’s mom, Rosie Kemp, in her backyard in Nassau last fall. The then-one-month-old raccoon had fallen from a tree and broken a leg. Rosie waited to see if the little animal’s mom would show up, but she never did – so Rosie decided to take her in. With her daughter Laura, she named the new pet, fed her, and kept her warm until she recovered”.

Man fights off grizzly bear by shoving his arm down its throat: “A BOW hunter is recovering after he survived a grizzly bear mauling by remembering a tip from his grandmother and shoving his arm down the animal’s throat. Chase Dellwo, 26, was hunting with his brother northwest of the town of Choteau on Saturday when he came face-to-face with male grizzly weighing up to 180 kilograms. He was only one metre from the bear when he noticed it. He said the grizzly had been sleeping and didn’t see him coming, possibly because of the snow, rain and up to 64km/h winds. Dellwo said he only had time to take a few steps back before the bear knocked him off his feet and bit his head. Dellwo recalled a story he read in a magazine. “I remembered an article that my grandmother gave me a long time ago that said large animals have bad gag reflexes,” he said. “So I shoved my right arm down his throat.” The advice worked, and the bear left. Dellwo rejoined his brother, who drove him to a hospital”

Revival of old kitchen mixer: “When The Great British Bake Off comes to an end with the much-anticipated final broadcast at 8pm tomorrow, there is one man who will be even sadder than most. Michael Stratton, 50, has launched a whole new business thanks to the BBC One show, as the Portsmouth-based engineer restores vintage Kenwood Chef food mixers. With GBBO causing sales of the gadgets to rise faster than a souffle, people are clamouring to buy his restored classics, with a Kenwood model from the 1950s going for £300. Michael purchased a 1950’s Kenwood Chef at a car boot sale before restoring it and selling it for a £172 profit. This has led to him now running a booming business out of a shipping container in Portsmouth, with thanks to shows such as Bake Off. As to why people are prepared to fork out for the classics, Michael said. ‘Modern machines are just not built to last. ‘It’s reverse Darwinism in a way, with customers much preferring the robustly engineered and solid older models over the flimsy modern versions.'”

A born female: “A crying toddler is captured on video having a tantrum until she spots the camera and immediately strikes a pose. The toddler, believed to be from Spain, is heard crying and is called over by her mother. But it isn’t until the little girl realises she’s on camera that she immediately stops wailing and puts her hand on her hips in the 14-second clip. Striking a pose worthy of the catwalk, she reduces her family to a fit of giggles.”

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