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Odd news from around the world

Shocking lipstick! Handbag-sized stun guns: “British women are carrying stun guns disguised as lipstick in a bid to stay safe. The 3million-volt weapons, which can be bought online for as little as £14.50, are designed to be kept in a pocket or handbag during nights out and when at home. Their presence has forced police to issue a reminder that stun guns are classed as firearms. This means if users are caught in possession of one, they could be sentenced to five years in jail. One woman, 27, was arrested in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, for carrying a stun gun disguised as a lipstick-shaped torch in August. She was released on bail while officers carried out investigations. One mother, 25, told the Daily Star: ‘We’ve been burgled three times in almost a year so I bought one for self-defence. The stun guns, which are often described as ‘portable’ and ‘discreet’, can be bought online from websites including Amazon.”

Kinky Greek priest: “A high ranking Greek Orthodox priest was forced to resign last week after kinky sex tapes of his much younger parish school principal sitting on cakes in a thong and rubbing her feet in his face surfaced. Father George Passias, 67, a married pastor at St. Spyridon in New York City at St. Spyridion church in Washington Heights is said to have impregnated Ethel Bouzalas, 45, with whom he had an alleged affair. One of the videos sent to The Post features Bouzalas sitting on a banana bread load wrapped in cellophane until it’s flattened while donning black stiletto heels and lingerie. In another one of the videos Bouzalas rubs her feet all over the priests face while they both lie under a mirrored ceiling. A third video shows the priest performing oral sex on Bouzalas while she is wearing sheer pantyhose. Passias resigned after a weeklong suspension from the church and said he had to leave for ‘personal health reasons”

The ultimate tree house: “A Massachusetts grandfather built a dream house for his two grandchildren… in four maple trees. Jay Hewitt built the 40-foot-tall, three-story treehouse behind his home in Attleboro over the course of two years using scraps he got from construction jobs and materials he bought from Home Depot. The 59-year-old licensed contractor installed a full staircase, a large deck, electricity, a shingled exterior, a bay window, a ventilation system, a loft, an expansive family room and a spiral slide at the treehouse. Hewitt, who got the idea from his son before his four-year-old granddaughter and six-year-old grandson were even born, plans to finish the interior of the house soon, the Sun Chronicle reported. He said: ‘At the time, I said I’d build the best treehouse any kid ever had. The luxuries at the house are augmented with the rustic touch of having exposed tree trunks and branches extend inside the home and through the walls out onto the deck.”

Former head of prestigious British school calls for a return to nursery rhymes: “Nursery rhymes should be reinstated as part of the learning curriculum to help children memorise British history, the former headmaster of Eton has said. Tony Little claims school children are no longer taught a broad understanding of history and suggests mnemonics are the best way for children to learn it. According to The Telegraph, he told Cheltenham Literature Festival: ‘I was well versed in British history by the age of 12 – 13 – I could mug up and quote the names of every King and Queen of England. ‘One is tempted to say “get a life” but that’s the way it was then, we learnt these things. ‘I wouldn’t entirely dismiss the business of factual recall, the ability to hold information in the head, and more to the point the great sweep, some general idea of what happened and when.'”

Blackout in Australian city as rain sets fire to poles (!): “THOUSANDS of Cairns and Gordonvale residents lost power when poles caught fire due to rain across the region. Power was cut off to 2100 homes in the CBD, Cairns North, Manunda and Parramatta Park on Saturday night as Ergon Energy responded to an electrical fire at a Martyn St power pole. Ergon spokesman Michael Hardy said such fires were not uncommon when light showers over the power network followed prolonged dry weather. “After a dry spell we get dust and salt building up on some insulators,” he said. “In some cases the electricity tracks down to the insulator and hits the cross arms on the power pole. “The insulators can catch fire and the pole can catch fire. “Power was isolated for safety reasons – it looked like the wire might have been coming down.” Power was restored to most homes by 10.50pm and the remainder at 1.50am.”

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