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Odd news from around the world

Prison governor is picked up from the train station and driven to work by an INMATE driving the prison van: “These shocking pictures show a serving inmate being paid to chauffeur a jail governor to and from prison during her weekly commute to work. The convict is seen chatting on a mobile phone as he parks by the train station and collects HMP Sudbury boss Chiarina Romano from the platform. It raise serious questions about the security systems of the Derbyshire jail – where one of four different convicts can be tasked with driving the unsupervised five mile trip. HMP Sudbury, located in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, is an open prison where convicts deemed low risk serve out their sentences. However, in 2007 it came under fire when it was revealed 40 prisoners had absconded from the jail. And in June last year four prisoners walked out on the prison within the space of five days. When it can, the Ministry of Justice uses prisoners who have undergone safety checks for labour to help save costs to the taxpayer.”

A helpful dolphin: “DOLPHINS are well known as intelligent and charismatic mammals — and this video reinforces that fact. It was captured in the Bahamas near Blue Lagoon Island, also known by its official name Salt Cay. It shows the amazing moment when a dolphin dived to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve the phone for it’s owner. Teressa Cee, a dancer with American professional basketball team Miami Heat, was filming on a floating platform off the coast when she asked a friend to hold her iPhone. After her buddy dropped the phone into the water, dolphin Cacique came to the rescue. And just like that, the phone’s back. Blue Lagoon Island is a private island about 5km from Nassau, Bahamas and is a popular destination for tourists who want to swim with dolphins”

US farmer digs up woolly mammoth bones of near-complete skeleton in Michigan soybean field: “THE near-complete skeleton of a woolly mammoth believed to have been butchered by early humans thousands of years ago has been dug up by a US farmer. James Bristle, from Michigan, had been digging in his soybean field with his friend when they unearthed what they thought was a bent fence post, caked with mud. But the startling find would turn out to be much more extraordinary: it was part of a pelvis from an ancient woolly mammoth that lived up to 15,000 years ago. A team of palaeontologists from the University of Michigan and an excavator recovered about 20 per cent of the extinct animal’s skeleton this week in Michigan. Aside from the pelvis, they found the skull and two tusks, along with numerous vertebrae, ribs and both shoulder blades. “We think that humans were here and may have butchered and stashed the meat so that they could come back later for it,” Daniel Fisher, the scientist who led the dig, said”

Sikhs unravel turbans into rescue ropes to save four men from drowning: “Two heroic Sikh men have broken religious protocol by removing their turbans to help save four men from drowning. Inderpal Singh, 34, jumped to take off his turban, unravel it and throw it out as a life line, after spotting the men struggling to keep their heads above the gushing water in a canal at Sular Ghaat, in the Punjab region of northern India. Later, another Sikh man named Kanwaljit Singh followed suit and tossed his turban into the water to help rescue the men. A turban – or Dastaar – is worn to protect the Kesh (uncut hair), one of the five articles of faith in Sikhism. It is a doctrine of Sikhism that one can only remove their turbans at home, while bathing. The rescued teens, identified as Jiwan Singh, Kamalpreet Singh, Inder Tiwari and coincidentally another man named Inderpal Singh, later praised the men for their quick-thinking and bravery.

A record leek: “A gardener who grew the world’s biggest leek said his secret is playing Glenn Miller music to his vegetables. Paul Rochester, 57, broke the record with a 23lb 4.02oz specimen. The father of two, from Seaham, County Durham, said he got the tip from his late father Wilfred – also a champion vegetable grower – who played swing favourites including In The Mood and Moonlight Serenade in his greenhouse.Mr Rochester beat the existing world record set by himself last year – when he grew a 21lb 8oz (9.75kg) leek – when he unveiled the plant. He said as well as the music his tips for top results are plenty of water, good fertiliser and ‘lots of TLC’.

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