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Odd news from around the world

The Bermuda Triangle again: “The U.S. Coast Guard is still searching for a missing cargo ship and its 33 crew members who vanished today after sailing close to Hurricane Joaquin. Car carrier ship El Faro disappeared north of the Bahamas after setting sail from Florida destined for San Juan, Puerto Rico, with 28 Americans and three Polish crew on board, officials said. News of the ship’s disappearance comes as Hurricane Joaquin continues to batter the Bahamas with winds of up to 125mph. Meanwhile the U.S. Coast Guard says it has launched two C-130 Hercules aircraft in order to search for the 735-foot El Faro, which is thought to be adrift somewhere. According to a Coast Guard press release, the El Faro messaged at 7.30am yesterday to say it was beset by Hurricane Joaquin and had lost propulsion. The crew also said the boat had been taking on water, but they had managed to contain the leaks. El Faro was also listing at 15 degrees, the Coast Guard said”

Fireman catches deadly snake ‘as long as a man’ after it moved onto the FUEL TANK of their SUV: “A brave fireman has caught a huge deadly red-bellied black snake and released it back into the wild after terrified locals found it hiding underneath a caravan. The 1.7 meter snake was making its way across Escape Caravan Park in Murphy’s Creek, in Queensland’s south-east, when it slithered its way under a nearby caravan, after encountering a group of campers. Toowoomba firefighter and reptile enthusiast, Mr McGibbon was called to the campsite at 1 pm on Wednesday to help grab the snake, that had moved into the campers SUV after being sprayed with the garden hose. ‘The snake had hidden itself near the fuel tank,’ continued Mr McGibbon. Fearless against the huge reptile, Mr McGibbon told the Sunshine Coast Daily that: ‘The size of the snake made it easier to wrangle.’ ‘It can get quite complicated when they’re under cars,’ continued Mr McGibbon. ‘I had a chat to them about snake behaviour and then relocated it about two kilometres from the campsite,’ he continued.”

Now THAT’S a steep climb! Terrifying ‘stairway to heaven’ carved into a cliff face 4,650ft high: “Just when you thought a glass-bottomed walkway above a canyon was enough to cripple your fear factor, a vertiginous set of stairs has appeared on the side of a 4,650 foot high mountain in Guangdong, southern China. The 1,640 feet long climb scales Gold Mountain, a ridge known as the ‘most dangerous peak in Guangdong’, reported People’s Daily Online. The new pathway is carved into the near-vertical cliff-face of the mountain. The climb is a straight journey up the side of the cliff-face, rather than a winding walkway, which leads to the viewing platform at the peak. One user even described the experience as being like ‘playing human domino’ since one slip ahead would lead to a topple over effect on the people behind. So far, though, it looks like few people have been brave enough to attempt the hilly ascent. Gold Mountain is a popular tourist spot for people around China.”

Bomb squad called in after mother finds her flower vase was an unexploded WW2 shell: “A woman was shocked to discover that the flower vase she had used for 30 years was an unexploded bombshell. Kathryn Rawlins, 45, from Atherstone, Warwickshire, had found the shell when she was 15 years old buried in the playing fields at her school. Assuming that it safe, and thinking it would make a nice vase, she had kept it filled with her favourite flowers for more than three decades – until she saw a documentary featuring World War One bombs in Coventry – and feared her vase may have actually been an unexploded shell. After calling police, MoD experts dashed in to take away the vase and remove the explosive – before returning the vase to Mrs Rawlins. She said: “The police said that the shell had the potential to have killed anybody that was within about 20 metres of it and could well have taken the house down”

British bureaucrats stop a woman’s welfare payments because they think she is having an affair with the post office!: “A single mother has had her benefit payments halted because the taxman thinks she’s in a relationship with the newsagent she collects them from, it has been claimed. HMRC wrote to Debbie Balandis, 40, informing her that her £140-a-week child tax credits – which she uses to help her 13-year-old disabled son – were being stopped because she had a new partner. Her bank account activity showed she was receiving payments from a Martin McColl, but after investigating the mother-of-two discovered that is the trading name for newsagent chain RS McColl. She tried to explain to HMRC that she collects her benefits from the post office at her local RS McColl store in Castlemilk, Glasgow, but says tax officials are refusing to budge. Ms Balandis has been told her weekly payments will be suspended until she can prove Martin McColl is not a new live-in boyfriend.”

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  1. I used to generally agree with the cartoon about leaf-blowers. I have since changed my mind … a little. I have seen experienced lawn-care men used a blower to clear a large area of leaves in far less time that it would have taken using a rake. I have seen this often enough to believe that, in expert hands, the leaf blower is a legitimate tool.

    And like most power tools, in the hands of an amateur, it is worse than useless.

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