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Odd news from around the world

‘Witch doctor’ decapitates four-year-old boy in a bid to earn ‘divine powers’ from a Hindu goddess before villagers catch him and set him on fire: “A suspected witch doctor decapitated a four-year-old boy in a bid to earn divine powers, it has been claimed. A manhunt was launched by angry villager’s after Manu Sagar’s headless body was found by his parents in the remote settlement. His suspected killer, Tirumala Rao, 35, was tracked down, tired to a tree and doused in petrol by angry villagers, who then set him on fire. Police in Pokur in the Prakasam district of southern India said that it appeared to be a case of human sacrifice, according to The Times of India. Rao is accused of kidnapping and killing little Manu to offer him up as a sacrifice to the Hindu goddess Kali. It is believed he thought he would achieve power and wealth. Rao was rescued from the fire by village elders and was today in hospital, where he was being treated for burns.”

Nutty arty farties: “Stringing sensors under a 100-year-old tree, musicians in Bristol planned to capture the sound of falling beechnuts in a £37,000 art project. There was just one problem – there were no nuts. The nuts were supposed to fall and hit sensors, which would then make noises. Just weeks before the installation launched, organisers realised that their chosen tree only produces a biannual crop. And this was not their lucky year. The solar-powered project on Durdham Down in north-west Bristol has been paid for through a fund set up as part of the city’s year as European Green Capital – a project run by Brussels. The scheme is worth £12million to the city, £1million from the council, £7million from the Department for Energy and Climate Change and the rest from various organisations.

Thief walked into police station to complain about CCTV picture being circulated … and was promptly arrested: “A dim-witted shoplifter walked into a police station to complain about the circulation of his CCTV image only to be promptly arrested by bemused officers. Roofer Nicholas Allegretto was filmed by security cameras installed in the Mackays hardware store in Cambridge after stealing an industrial magnet. The store put up a picture with his face obscured but it was when the image was later published in a local newspaper that Allegretto took exception. Instead of lying low, the 23-year-old went to the city’s Parkside police station to voice his anger. He was promptly arrested and later prosecuted. Shop owner Neil Mackay said: ‘I suppose you could say he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box.'”

Russian scientist says the secret to eternal life been found: “A controversial Russian scientist has injected himself with a 3.5 million year old ‘eternal life’ bacteria fund in the Siberian permafrost – and says he is now stronger and never gets ill. Anatoli Brouchkov, head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, says he has not had flu for two years following his injection. The bacteria, named Bacillus F, has remained alive in permafrost for millions of years. Scientists have tested it on mice and human blood cells, but Brouchkov says he decided to become a guinea pig for the experiment. ‘I started to work longer, I’ve never had a flu for the last two years,’ he told The Siberian Times. He admitted he had no idea what the bacteria was doing to him. Chernyavsky said: ‘The bacteria gives out biologically active substances throughout its life, which activates the immune status of experimental animals.’

Woman breaks off relationship using a baseball bat: “A woman who beat her boyfriend with a baseball bat after he moved across the country to meet in person for the first time has been jailed. Haley Fox, 24, was sentenced to five years and 10 months in prison at Marion County Courthouse in Salem on Wednesday. Fox, of Turner, Oregon, had been dating Samuel Campbell, of Adger, Alabama, for two years after meeting online in 2013. But when the 26-year-old agreed to move to Oregon earlier this year to live with Fox, she attacked him because she no longer wanted to be in the relationship. Fox, who has no previous criminal record, was arrested and charged the following day.

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