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Odd news from around the world

British Police smash a car window causing £90 damage to rescue a DOLL: “Police smashed a car window to rescue a baby left alone inside only to find it was in fact a doll. Janaih Rattray, 10, left her toy named Ryan wrapped up in a blanket on the seat of her sister Delesia’s Vauxhall Corsa, which was parked up outside a hospital in Dudley, West Midlands. A concerned passerby spotted what they believed to be an abandoned infant and called the police, who caused £90 worth of damage in attempt to get inside. The Rattray family were stunned when they returned to their vehicle at 1pm on September 14 and found the back window broken with a note to call police. Miss Rattray, 20, who is studying criminology at Wolverhampton University, said: ‘When I went outside to the car I found the back window behind the driver’s seat had been smashed in and there was glass all over the seats. Police chiefs have since apologised to the family but have backed the officers who believed the doll was a real baby in a ‘genuine emergency’ and have agreed to pick up the £90 repair bill.”

New 6-wheel SUV based on Land Rover Defender: “A British firm has created the ultimate off-road vehicle capable of carrying five passengers and machinery by building a stretch version of the much-loved classic – and at £125,000 it’s a third of the price of the Mercedes 6×6 it’s taking the mantle off. Dubbed the ‘Flying Huntsman’ by the team of engineers who created it, it was made in response to Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to stop building the Defender this year – almost 70 years after the first model rolled off the production line. Creators Kahn Design called the decision an ‘absolute tragedy’, so put a dramatic twist on the car by sticking the tail of a pickup version of the iconic off-roader onto the back of a top-of-the-range long wheelbase model. The Defender Double Cab Pickup went on show at an exhibition in Peterborough earlier this month and more are planned in the near future. The beast 6×6 is around 1.4 metres longer than a normal Defender and 15cm wider. The 2.2-litre diesel six-speed manual will go on sale at around £125,000”

Kindness not rewarded: “A senior magistrate who was suspended after he tried to pay a penniless asylum seeker’s court fine has resigned. Nigel Allcoat, of Burbage, Leicestershire, offered money toward the £180 in penalties the man in his 20s was being ordered to pay. But when the judiciary found out about his good deed, the 65-year-old musician was suspended and investigated. The respected JP responded by quitting in disgust at the way both he and the refugee have been treated by the law. Legislation drawn up by former justice secretary Chris Grayling can see defendants face punitive charges of up to £1,200. It was brought in as a means of ensuring adult offenders paid toward court costs. Mr Allcoat found himself in trouble after dealing with the case of the asylum seeker at Leicester Magistrates’ Court who had no means of paying the growing fines. He added: ‘As a magistrate, my main aim was to stop re-offending. Therefore, I took money from my pocket in court to pay some of the £180 in a pure humanitarian act to stop him being brought back to court as a fine defaulter again.”

Woman who feared mystery ‘scratching’ noises could be evil spirit finds spider in her ear: “A WOMAN who thought she was possessed by evil spirits after hearing strange noises in her head has discovered this living in her ear. Victim Li Peng told doctors she could hear a strange “scratching noise” especially at night, as well as feel a frequent pain in her left ear, according to local media. Li admitted she had delayed going to see medics because she feared the scratching sounds, which only she could hear, may be due to the fact she had been possessed by evil spirits. Ear, nose and throat specialist, Doctor Chen Zhaoyue, discovered that Li had in fact been playing host to a spider in her left ear which had been weaving a web. He said every attempt to remove the spider from Li’s ear caused it to react violently and cause the patient more pain. In the end, the doctor pacified the spider with a few drops of an unspecified medicine and pulled it out with a pair of tweezers.”

Raiders destroyed an entire two-storey building as they tried to rip out a cash machine … but still left empty-handed: “Bungling raiders have destroyed an entire building while trying to rip out an ATM using a digger, two lorries and a forklift truck – but still left empty-handed. The Delph petrol station in the village of Whittlesey near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was left close to collapse when two walls were demolished in the failed raid. Police believe the gang, equipped with the digger, two lorries and a fork-lift truck, fled the two-storey, store-room empty-handed after being disturbed. ‘It has been reported that there were a number of vehicles used, including two trucks, a forklift and a JCB. Although the ATM was damaged, the five-figure sum of cash inside remained intact and detectives believe the thieves abandoned plans to break it open because it was bigger than expected.”

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