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Odd news from around the world

Viagra may keep you slim, too!: “Taking Viagra could be a new way to lose weight, suggest researchers in China. Laboratory and animal studies have found that the drug causes changes in body fat which mean that calories are used for energy rather than stored. Now a trial is under way to test the effect in humans; a group of men will be given either Viagra or a placebo to take three times a day for a week and the effects on their body-fat measured. Recently, scientists have begun investigating ways to harness the power of brown fat – or even grow more of it. They have found that exposure to cold temperatures can trigger the conversion of unhealthy, energy-storing white fat into energy-burning, heat-producing brown fat, a process known as browning – and research now suggests that Viagra can cause this browning. Studies have shown that mice given the drug over longer periods of time were less likely to become obese, even when they were fed a high-fat diet.”

No more bulky camping gear! All-in-one tent inspired by spacesuits: “A new all-in-one ‘magic’ shelter, developed by Swiss materials scientists, is promising to transform the way people go camping. The Polarmond all-in-one sleep system combines the bedding with the tent itself to help ensure campers stay warmer at night while in the great outdoors. They claim it can stay warm even in temperatures down to -30°C (-22°F) using nothing than the occupant’s own body heat. Swiss scientists involved in building the all-in-one tent developed a ‘sandwich construction’ for the insulation similar to that used in spacesuits to line the inner chamber of the tent. By using a blanket-like cover rather than a sleeping bag, it also allows the person inside to sleep more naturally rather than fighting to get comfortable in a mummy-shaped sleeping bag. The scientists also opted to tackle the problem of condensation in the one-man tent by using a breathable liner on the blanket that can draw moisture away from the camper’s body. A mat is built into the bottom of the tent that helps to provide cushioning and further insulation.

So just who IS Ronnie Pickering?: “He’s now a household name and known to thousands after a video of his road rage and angry ‘do you know who I am?’ line of questioning went viral. But just who is Ronnie Pickering? A friend of Mr Pickering’s told MailOnline the 51-year-old is a former amateur boxer who was known in his heyday as ‘One Punch Ronnie’. A taxi driver who also served in the Armed Forces, he lives in a modest home in Bransholme, Hull, and has a girlfriend as well as two children, aged 27 and 29, to his ex wife. Mr Pickering was caught on camera during a road rage confrontation asking his victim: ‘Do you know who I am? I’m Ronnie Pickering.’ Mr Pickering – whose supposed notoriety was lost entirely on his target – was recorded losing the rag with a moped rider he blamed for holding up traffic. The hot headed motorist can be seen wrangling for space with his two-wheeled road rival as the pair drive along Wawne Road in Bransholme, Hull.

Fingerprints reveal whether a person is black or white: “Fingerprints – already used as a way to identify individuals – appear to encode information about a person’s ancestral background. Researchers have found there are distinct differences in how fingerprint ridges split between people of European and African ancestry. The researchers claim their findings could prove useful not just for anthropologists but also for modern law enforcement when trying to profile suspects. Professor Ann Ross, an anthropologist at North Carolina State University who led the study, said: ‘This is the first study to look at this issue at this level of detail, and the findings are extremely promising. By the very nature of the test, the identity of the subject is captured within the fingerprint ridge detail itself. ‘A lot of additional work needs to be done, but this holds promise for helping law enforcement. ‘This finding also tells us that there’s a level of variation in fingerprints that is of interest to anthropologists, particularly in the area of global population structures.'”

The ultimate bad hair day: “This picture proves once and for all how important it is to read the label on the can. It shows a mystery woman who reportedly ended up in A&E after confusing her hair mousse with a can of expanding builder’s foam. The image, believed to have been taken at a hospital somewhere in Eastern Europe, has been widely shared. She can be seen sitting in a waiting room looking understandably unhappy with her situation with a giant solid helmet of polyurethane foam on her head. Expanding polyurethane foam has a number of uses in DIY situations – although ‘hair product’ is not one of them. Builders’ and at-home-handymen used the foam for everything from preventing leaks, to filling gaps during construction and holding items in place.

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