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Odd news from around the world

Rusty scalpels and broken lights: Conditions inside a North Korean operating theatre: “Working in a dingy room under a dim light with rusty scalpels and outdated medicines – these rare pictures give an insight into a North Korean operating theatre. They were taken by international medical student Josiah Cha who visited the secretive communist state on an exchange trip. He said the doctors were ‘incredible, humble and loving people’ but described the equipment used by the surgical teams as basic. He observed worn scalpels being used for operations and a large surgical light hanging precariously loose over an operating theatre. North Korea, one of the world’s most secretive societies, spends less than £1 per person on health care per year. Many struggling hospitals operate without electricity or heat, and doctors are forced to work by gloomy candlelight. The worst can include syringes reused without sterilisation and major operations carried out without anaesthetic, an Amnesty International study found.

More and more passengers turning to industrial-strength wrapping in airports to secure their luggage: “Passengers in airports are turning to cling film in the quest to secure their luggage and keep it from being damaged. And one airport in the UK believes a cling-film wrap can provide a two-fold service. ‘Not only can it protect your luggage, but if someone comes to the airport with a broken zip or pocket, the wrap can be a solution to this. ‘While we don’t actively promote the service, all out customer services staff are aware it is offered and can direct passengers through to the point.’ Northumberland-based company Luggage Point have sites in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Birmingham International airports. And in Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Manchester airports, Excess Baggage Company provides the service designed to give the passenger that extra piece of mind. Luggage Point’s Graeme Stewart told the Daily Record: ‘Passengers are ­concerned not only about theft but about ­people inserting items into their luggage.”

Terrifying sinkhole that swallowed cars and caravans on a Queensland beach may still be growing: “There is a ‘real possibility’ the football field-sized sinkhole which swallowed a Queensland beach in minutes is still growing and will cause more catastrophic damage along the coastline. Footage emerged on Sunday of holidaymakers scrambling to save themselves when the 150m long sinkhole opened up at 11pm on Saturday near Queensland’s Rainbow Beach. The cause of the sinkhole is currently unknown and experts tell The Australian it’s the second time in just four years the holiday spot has collapsed. Around 300 people were evacuated including several schoolchildren. One camper told ABC: ‘it sounded like thunder and there were trees disappearing… the beach was disappearing.’ The sinkhole expanded so rapidly at MV Beagle Campground, Inskip Point, that it took just minutes to swallow a car, caravan, luxury camping trailer and several tents – but no one was injured.”

Resort on a rock: “There are only two ways to arrive at this stunning resort – by boat or helicopter. It sits on a rock in the Caribbean and is surrounded by water on all sides – but there’s a helipad for anyone who wants to arrive in dramatic style. And Villa on Dunbar Rock, despite the proximity of the sea, throws in an infinity pool for its guests anyway. There’s also a private beach and eight suites. With the sea literally at your doorstep, the rock provides handy access for those keen to explore under the surface of the idyllic marine area. The peculiar rock retreat is located roughly 44 miles off the north coast of Honduras, although guests will never be completely stuck there if they don’t want to be. Staff can arrange boats to take you to explore the Guanaja area, which has waterfalls, sea kayaking, bars, restaurants and fishing. Forget battling with other holidaymakers for space on the beach, because the rock retreat comes with its own private stretch of golden sand.

Brand new $200 million airport North Korea hopes will attract more overseas visitors (now all it needs is some people): “A Singaporean photographer – who filmed the world’s first look inside a North Korean bank – has become the first person to clear customs at the secretive communist nation’s dazzling new airport. Aram Pan flew into Wonsan International Airport, also known as Kalma Airport, in Wonsan, a port city east of the capital Pyongyang on September 24. Mr Pan and about 30 other travellers, who had joined a tour for aviation enthusiasts, were on the first commercial flight to land at the new airport, a former military base. He added that his expectations had been low, but he was dazzled with what he saw at the new airport. In 2013, the North Korean government announced ambitious plans to turn the Wonsan area into a summer vacation destination.”

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