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It’s a googly-eyed green mantis shrimp guarding her eggs




Odd news from around the world

Sunken treasure in a New Zealand harbour – including 868 gold coins: “Sunken treasure has been discovered submerged near a port by divers conducting a harbour clean-up. The 99 Crew Dive Team had been cleaning up the waters near a wharf in Wellington Harbour, New Zealand, when they discovered the treasure trove. Dive organiser Rob Wilson said of the 868 coins discovered and retrieved, some were apparently of value. Responding to comments on the story, one person – who appeared to be a member of the dive team -said any items of value would be sold and proceeds used to cover the clean-up job, which the divers paid for out of their own pocket. Footage of the dive team’s efforts shows them pulling a number of items out of the water and their sparkling – if slightly tarnished – pile of coins sitting on a piece of plastic. It was the group’s second tidy-up in two weeks. The dive team organises the clean-ups regularly to support the health of the harbour.

Pig-headed college administration wastes £250,000 on legal fees: “An Oxford College was today branded ‘irresponsible’ after running up an estimated legal bill that could reach £250,000 during a hedge dispute. St John’s College was last week ordered to allow retired businessman Anthony Bethell, 75, to maintain the 540ft stretch of trees and bushes following a drawn out two year court battle. Mr Bethell had offered to fully restore the ancient hedge – which lies between the three acre plot of his £2.2million home and 12,000 acres of college farmland in Warwickshire – entirely at his own cost. But when the college refused to allow him to do the work and repeatedly turned down offers of negotiation he says he was given no choice but to start legal action. The recorder at Coventry county court, Andrew Willetts, described the college’s refusal to accept Mr Bethell’s offers to settle as ‘perplexing and bizzare’ and consequently ordered it to pay the vast majority of the case’s costs.”

Shakespeare’s father was a successful wool trade businessman: “It has long been thought that William Shakespeare’s story was a true life rags-to-riches tale. But now new research has revealed that it is in fact a myth and his father was a successful wool trade businessman. John Shakespeare was said to be a wealthy glover and leather worker who fell on hard times and went bankrupt. But former financier David Fallow, who has been studying the Shakespeare family’s fortunes for years by analysing financial records, has made new claims about the playwright. His research suggests that John Shakespeare in fact never went bankrupt but was in fact dealing in an illicit wool trade and making more money than ever, The Observer reports. Fallow says it was this that prompted Shakespeare to leave Stratford-upon-Avon for London in 1585 to act as the family’s business representative, rather than to start a career in theatre. He believes this could explain his activities during the seven ‘lost years'”

Burlesque Festival: “For the 13th year in a row, the best in burlesque performers from around the world strutted their stuff across the Big Apple for the New York Burlesque Festival this weekend. The shows kicked off on Thursday September 24 and continued across the city all weekend at venues including the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, the Brooklyn Bowl and The Bell House, featuring everything from solo performers to burlesque troupes to male – ‘boylesque’ – performers from LA, Japan, New Zealand, New York and more. Thursday saw the likes of Madame Rosebud – who was literally smoking in a tuxedo outfit before extinguishing her lit cigarette on her tongue and stripping to her skivvies – and Candy Applebottom, who toyed with a giant bottle of Jim Beam for the crowd. Philadelphia’s Peekaboo Revue entertained with a tassle-filled Tina Turner tribute. To round off the weekend, the annual event’s Golden Pastie Awards are held at The Highline Ballroom on Sunday.

White elephant airport in Illinois: “An airport built with hopes of flying millions of passengers across America now boards a mere 16,000 a year – because nobody wants to go there. The near-empty airport runs two Allegiant Airlines flights to both Sanford Orlando and Tampa Bay airports in Florida a week. A twice-weekly service to Las Vegas will start in November. The $313million project was set up in 1997 to alleviate congestion at Lambert-St Louis International Airport, then a regional hub for now-shuttered Trans World Airlines. The list of airlines to call Mid America home reads like a requiem for the embattled industry. First came a reincarnated version of Pan American, which offered flights to Gary, Indiana, for 16 months in 2000 and 2001. The next carrier, Great Plains Airlines, lasted just three months before going bankrupt. Then came Transmeridian Airlines for a year, followed in 2005 by Allegiant, which also left Mid America in January 2009, only to resume services there nearly four years later.

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