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Odd news from around the world

Soldier uses a GoPro camera to prove his estranged wife’s abuse: “A former US Army Ranger from Florida has strapped a GoPro camera to his belt to catch his estranged wife forcibly grabbing his genitals during a contentious custody handover. ‘This is just one of many instances where I’ve had to use the camera to either prove her guilt or prove my innocence and that’s the only reason I am carrying it,’ the solider, identified only as ‘Michael,’ told the station 10News. Michael, a resident of Pinellas County, has been locked in a drawn-out custody battle with his spouse, 37-year-old Corinne Novak, over their 2-year-old twin boys. The couple are also in the process of getting a divorce. When Michael shared the video documenting his alleged assault with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, it was enough to have Corinne Novak arrested on a domestic battery charge. ‘We have court coming up so hopefully it goes to show a little bit of validity to what I’ve been doing and what I’ve been saying and disapproving what she’s been saying,’ the retired Ranger told the station.”

Kind Chinese doctor: “According to reports, the girl, named as Xin Er (not her real name), had a pre-existing heart condition. She was waiting to have surgery at the hospital when she got scared and started crying. The surgeon, Shi Zhuo, Deputy Director of Cardiac Surgery at the children’s section of Zhejiang University Hospital, scooped her up and started playing her favourite cartoons on his phone. The girl calmed down as the cartoon played and the doctors were able to administer the anaesthetics needed to put the girl to sleep. Afterwards, the operation carried on as normal. The humble doctor revealed that this type of situations often occurs in the operating theatre and other staff have also comforted children in the past. The girl’s father didn’t even realise what had happened until afterwards. He revealed: ‘When the operation was over, Dr Shi just told me the surgery was extremely successful. The girl is said to have recovered well and is now able to walk. She is expected to be released from hospital by September 22.

Bargain in Australian Woolworths: “WE all love a good bargain, but this hilarious poster had shoppers scratching their heads yesterday after noticing the ridiculous saving. The sale item, a ‘Little Live Pets Butterfly House’, was photographed and posted to social media, after being spotted by a number of shoppers at a Woolworths store in Dural in Sydney’s north west. The deal was also posted on the Woolworths website online. The ‘Cheap Cheap’ special offered customers a 1 cent discount, reducing the cost from $20 to $19.99. If our calculations are right, given the 1 cent coin’s withdrawn from circulation in 1992, the cost of the product would be rounded back up to $20 on purchase.

Vigilante justice goes viral on Peru’s streets: “A Facebook campaign to dish out vigilante justice in Peru has gone viral – after hundreds of people started posting pictures and videos of themselves catching and punishing petty criminals. More and more fed-up Peruvians are taking the law into their own hands and recording their often humiliating acts of retribution on their cameras or mobile phones. The ‘Catch Your Thief’ movement took off after one neighbourhood decided to stop calling the police after a crime, warning they would ‘lynch’ the culprits instead. Social media users quickly began posting their own home-made footage showing alleged thieves and pickpockets receiving their comeuppance, often at the hands of a baying mob of revenge-seekers. Punishments range from being stripped naked and whipped in public and being forced to perform tough military exercises to even being force-fed raw chili peppers. One video shows a woman undressed and being walked through a busy street, with a banner around her neck reading ‘I’m a thief’.”

Wannabe TV reporter becomes a huge hit in Albania after wearing an open blouse: “A student has landed a job on Albanian television after showing her breasts through an open top during screen tests. TV bosses at the network said they were so impressed with Enki Bracaj, from the Albanian capital Tirana, that they offered her a news reader role. The 21-year-old now presents an international news programme after wearing the revealing outfit during trials – and has already proved a ratings hit, it has been reported. A spokesperson for the channel said: ‘Most agree that her presentation style is somewhat awkward, but we are working on that and to be honest it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm to her viewing figures.’ Defending the decision to offer almost-topless news, she said: ‘It is not easy to enter the world of television. ‘So it was obvious that if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different.”

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