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Odd news from around the world

Drunken Indian man is buried alive after falling into a hole while returning home… before construction workers built a ROAD over him: “An Indian man suffered a gruesome death when he was buried alive by molten tar after drunkenly falling into a manhole. Latori Lal, 45, had fallen into the hole while returning to his home in Katni in Madhya Pradesh state, on Friday night. When road workers arrived the following morning, they failed to notice Mr Lal, and filled the hole with tar a before using a heavy roller to flatten the surface. Locals later spotted Mr Lal’s shirt and he was pulled out of the newly laid road dead on Monday, police said. A driver and a road worker have been arrested, The Times of India reports.

Real justice for once: “A train conductor has been captured repeatedly punching and kicking a man who was attempting to flee from a station platform. A passenger filmed the employee viciously attacking the 46-year-old man, who attempts to run but is pulled back into the scuffle at Broadford station in central Victoria. Police have revealed to Daily Mail Australia the man was charged with assaulting a woman on board the V/Line train moments before the vision was filmed. They said said the victim, from Croydon in east Melbourne, has declined to make a statement. The incident took place at at Broadford, about 100km north of Melbourne, at 3pm on Saturday afternoon.”

Along came a spider and sat down beside her: “A woman’s intense fear of spiders has set off an improbable chain reaction that led to a collision with a school bus and sent her 9-year-old son to the hospital. Authorities in Syracuse, Indiana, say 35-year-old Angela Kipp had been backing the car out of her driveway with her son in the backseat Friday afternoon when she noticed a spider crawling on her shoulder. According to the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office, Ms Kipp’s arachnophobia got the best of her and she jumped out of the car speeding in reverse, leaving her child to fend for himself. The quick-thinking 9-year-old moved into the driver’s seat and tried to stop the car, but instead of stepping on the brake he hit the gas pedal, sending the out-of-control car careening into a passing school bus. The boy was discovered by responding officers lying outside his mother’s Dodge Avenger. The 9-year-old was transported to IU Health Goshen in stable condition with minor head injuries. No children were on the Wawasee Corporation school bus at the time, and its driver was not injured.”

Feisty mushrooms: “A Reddit user named Bantrlicious went into the bathroom and discovered that the scrub brush in the tub had suddenly sprouted a pair of tiny brown fungi. The user, both confused and fascinated by the discovery quickly snapped a photo and shared the image on Reddit, captioning it simply with: ‘This scrubbing brush has sprouted two tiny mushrooms.’ Indeed, the photo shows a scrub brush with a wooden base and white bristles, and two small mushrooms with cone-shaped caps emerging from between the bristles. ‘Alarmingly, this is a body-scrubbing rather than dish-scrubbing brush,’ the poster added. ‘I think it has dropped its spores – there was a blackish film of power around the brush this morning. ‘What is amazing is how quickly they grew – seemingly overnight, although I haven’t scrutinized the brush recently so can’t be sure.’ Decaying wood is one of those places where fungus is commonly found because of its abundance of nutrients. As for the right environment: moisture and warmth are perfect conditions for mushroom growth – making a bathroom the perfect spot.”

Domino’s customer returns $1,300 he found inside box of wings: “A California Domino’s customer got a delivery of instant karma when he was rewarded with free pizza for a year after he returned $1,300 he had received in a box of chicken wings by mistake. Mike Vegas of Berkeley ordered pizza and chicken wings over the weekend and was going to kick back, relax and enjoy the food during his day off. When he got home around 5am, Vegas wanted to have some hot wings but was instead surprised by stacks of cold, hard cash when he pulled the box of chicken from the fridge and opened it up. It turned out the driver had been calling Vegas nonstop because he had mixed up a box of cash that was bound for the bank with a box of wings that was bound for his customer’s stomach. When Vegas walked into the restaurant and returned the money, the store’s general manager thanked him profusely for being honest and offered him free pizza for a year. Vegas accepted the offer… and he kept the wings.

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