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Odd news from around the world

California kayakers come across naked woman shouting at them THREE MILES out at sea: “A naked woman was found three miles off a beach in California but officials do not know how she got there. The 28-year-old was shouting for help when she was found by kayakers at around 10am Sunday. The woman, who was not wearing a bathing suit or any clothes, said she had swam out from the shore the evening before and was was swept out out to sea. But officials said this was impossible as even the strongest currents only pull for 500 to 600ft – not the three miles she had traveled down the coast. The woman claimed she took off her bathing suit during the 16-hour swim ‘so it wouldn’t restrict her in her abilities to swim,’ Sgt Haldeman said. Officers who brought the adventurous swimmer to shore were expecting her to be suffering from hypothermia but she was fine. No lifeguards saw her enter the water and the belongings the woman claimed she had left on the beach were gone. Had they been found the evening before then the coastguard would have investigated. Ms Manzella added: ‘She was really far out.'”

The rise of churchyard tourism: “It may seem too macabre to add to a travel itinerary for some, but a new guide is encouraging tourists and day-trippers to explore the UK’s cemeteries. In an effort to push so-called ‘churchyard tourism’, the country’s burial grounds are being touted as a prime destination for those in search of nature, tranquility, community involvement and a lesson in local history. The guide was created by Caring for God’s Acre, a Shropshire-based national conservation charity, which says there are up to 30,000 burial sites to discover. Caring for God’s Acre says the country’s cemeteries are ‘miniature undesignated nature reserves’. Many older churchyards have remained virtually untouched and unchanged for generations, allowing plants to thrive and wildlife to flourish alongside historic monuments and memorials”

Pope’s benediction sign ‘was caused by nerve damage’, osteopath claims: “It is a hand gesture which has been seen in ancient mosaics and paintings for hundreds of years but now the reasoning behind the Pope’s distinctive benediction sign may been solved. First used by Pope Peter, it is thought the unique gesture, in which the thumb is tucked into the palm and the index and middle finger are raised together, may have been due to nerve damage. New research from Dr Bennett Futterman, an anatomy professor at NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine, reveals the Pope’s gesture was started because his ulnar nerve had been damaged. Pope Peter was left being unable to open his whole hand properly, making it difficult to make the ‘Vulcan’-style salute, long used as a blessing by Jewish high priests. ‘Peter, the first pope, had an ulnar nerve injury and everyone copied him. Imitation is a great form of flattery. Out of respect for St Peter, the other popes followed with that same pattern,’ he suggests.”

Strange dolphin sighted: “A rare snubfin dolphin has been spotted playing and jumping out of the water off the coast in Queensland. Emma Schmidt, a ranger for Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, said she saw the endangered mammal frolicking with a pod of around 10 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins. She took a photograph of the ‘smiling’ dolphin off Hinchinbrook Island, south of Cairns, and nicknamed him ‘snubby’. ‘They are very rare, so this photo was just pure luck,’ Ms Schmidt told the Townsville Bulletin. ‘We were heading to Sunken Reef Bay and I noticed a pod of about 10 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and among them was this cute little snubby. ‘It was playing and mucking around jumping out of the water and in the photo it looks like it’s smiling.’ The ‘highly social’ dolphins can only be found in the waters off northern Australia as far south as the Gladstone region in Queensland. They can grow to between 1.5m and 2.7m in length and they vary in colour from brownish grey to pale white. Snubfin dolphins have a very blunt, round head and they take their name from their small, triangular (‘snubby’) dorsal fin.”

New York Fashion Week model discovered while taking out the TRASH at his hotel job – one day before walking the runway: “Sophon Aur, 33, was throwing out trash bags at New York City’s Hudson Hotel on September 13 when Johnson Hartig, the designer behind Libertine, took notice of him. Next thing he knew, Sophon was strutting his stuff on Libertine’s runway the following night, making his big debut in front of the fashion elite. Johnson was running a pop-up showroom of the latest Libertine collection at the hotel, where Sophon has worked as a housekeeper since 2003. Noticing the tall, dark, and handsome hotel employee, Johnson asked him: ‘What are you doing tomorrow night?’ He then brought the high-fashion novice back into the showroom with him. The overnight style star was a hit at the show, where he wore a skull-and-smiley-face-embellished black hoodie, a chunky gold chain, whimsical leopard pants, and rainbow striped sandals.”

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