The chicken that didn’t cross the road

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I am not quite sure why but to me this is the funniest story I have heard for quite a while




Odd news from around the world

Urinals turned into into a gaming room: “A pub has managed to transform its men’s toilet in a way that even the women are trying to enter — a place they usually avoid at all costs. The drinking establishment in Christchurch New Zealand has inserted interactive media for each urinal controlled by the user’s stream. A sensor placed on each side of the drain of the urinal allows the person to move his player right and left. Patrons leaving the urinal found themselves competing — reports TVNZ. Each person listed their score after humorously attempting to play the game while doing their business. The screen, positioned on top of the urinal allows the user to decide between playing a ball game or skiing down a slope. The rest is up to the amount of liquid you can release from your body. As the pressure on the sensors dissipates a screen asking the question ‘Are you out of stream?’ pops up before the game ends finalising the player’s score. ‘I think it encourages people to miss the toilet,’ one customer told TVNZ before admitting he managed to miss the urinal.”

A herd of sea-cows: “When paddling along the Weeki Wachee river in Florida, you could expect to see dozens of fish and birds that call the river home – as well as a few ‘mermaids’ at the nearby tourist attraction. But among the rarest of sights along the stretch of water is the endangered West Indian manatees, unless you’re this pair of lucky paddle boarders. Tyler and Lauren were leisurely making their way down the river on Saturday with paddle board company Sup Weeki, when this group of ten inquisitive manatees swam directly underneath them. Manatees are known as ‘sea cows’ because of their similar size, peaceful temperament and diet of plants and weeds. While they have no natural predators, they were badly affected by human hunting until they became protected once their numbers declined. Now on the rebound, they still face being killed by boat propellers after swimming too close, or by being tangled in fishing nets.”

Disappointed dog: “Dogs may not be able to tell their owners how they are feeling, but one Siberian husky relied on her facial expressions to reveal the shock and betrayal she felt after her owner finished his burger – without giving her the last bite. Julio Savala Lopez Jr, 32, from Las Vegas, Nevada, turned his 18-month-old husky Yuka into a star after he captured her incredulous facial expression and posted it on Imgur earlier this week. ‘I think my dog just died a little bit on the inside when I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger,’ he captioned the photo, which shows Yuka’s dropping her jaw and widening her eyes in disbelief. Julio explained to Buzzfeed that Yuka almost always gets the last bite of food when he and his girlfriend Ishy Maiden are eating, and based on her recent picture, it is a tradition she has gotten accustomed to.”

Dashcam footage captures driver’s fear and confusion as he follows a World War II SEA MINE bolted to the back of a trailer: “A car towing what appears to be an unexploded World War II bomb has been filmed on a dashboard camera. Darren Plane was driving along a coastal road, believed to be in New South Wales, when he noticed what he believed to be a sea mine strapped to the trailer of the car in front of him. In the footage Mr Plane and a female passenger can be heard debating whether they should notify authorities. Despite the pair sounding concerned and confused in the video, a NSW police spokeswoman later confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the sea mine spotted was just a ‘replica’. ‘Apparently the vintage car was spotted near Lake Hume [in the Riverina region of NSW] at 5pm on Tuesday. I believe the owners of the mine had put it on as a joke – it’s just a replica – not real.’

Incredibly rare Lowry painting found hanging on sitting room wall sells for nearly £200,000: “A rare painting by ‘matchstick’ artist L.S. Lowry that depicts a girl donning a mini-skirt in the 1960s today sold for nearly £200,000 at auction after spending 20 years hanging on a sitting room wall. The A4-sized oil artwork was gifted to its Liverpool-based former owner – who remains unidentified – by a business partner who had purchased it from a gallery in 1972, four years after it was painted. It had spent the past two decades hanging on the wall, with its owner unaware that it was one of just a handful of colourful creations that the English artist produced during his celebrated career. It came to light only when the seller contacted experts to ask their advice on it after a house move. The 1968 painting which sold today depicts a girl walking in a red miniskirt, a black coat and a hat.”

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