“Little boxes on the hillside… And they’re all made out of ticky tacky. And they all look just the same”

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Apartment Complex, Montreal, Canada. Looks like the architect was inspired by the 1960s protest song sung by Pete Seeger




Odd news from around the world

Anti-wrinkle cream makes woman’s fine lines disappear in SECONDS: “A skin cream that promises to instantly remove wrinkles is piquing the interest of beauty lovers after an infomercial that shows the lines on a woman’s hand disappearing was released. Super Line Filler, from the beauty brand Prescriptives, is said to blur wrinkles and smooth skin within 90 seconds of its application. In a promo for the product, the company’s Executive Director of Product Development demonstrates how the cream works by applying it to the palm of her hand. She applies the product to one of the natural creases on her hand, gently tapping the cream into her skin until it dissolves. Within minutes, the wrinkles on her hand have completely vanished. The employee instructs users to tap – rather than rub – the cream into skin, saying it’s the most ‘important’ part of the application process. She advises twice-a-day use, preferably morning and night, but adds that one can also opt to apply it throughout the day as needed.”

Snooker star, 8, so small he stands on a crate to play gets his big break: “An pint-sized star who needs to stand on an upturned plastic crate to reach the table has been tipped as a future snooker star – at the age of eight. Westley Cooper – who stands just 3ft 4ins high and is dwarfed by even the smallest cue – is hotly tipped to be the next Ronnie O’Sullivan. The little lad, who has been potting balls since he was aged five, has been talent-spotted by an American TV channel after posting a catalogue of jaw-dropping trick shot videos online. Producers contacted his father, also called Westley, after spotting his talent on YouTube, which included him beating former World Champion, Stephen Hendry. Little Westley Cooper – nicknamed ‘Wee Man’ by his family – always stands on an upturned vegetable crate to reach the table. Talent scout Carl Pocket contacted Westley’s family, of New Parks, Leicester, last week to entice them to California. And young Westley is already chalking his cue.”

Incredible moment the fastest coconut husker in the world shreds a piece of fruit with his bare TEETH: “This is the fastest coconut husker in the world – a man capable of shredding the fruit down to size with his bare teeth in a matter of seconds. Known as the Buko King, the local legend lives on the island of Bohol in the Philippines and spends his days tearing at the husk of coconuts before extracting the delicious milk filling. Capable of husking numerous coconuts a day, the Buko King has become a sort of tourist attraction and locals and visitors alike are willing to travel hours to see the bizarre talent for themselves. The man turned a huge coconut into a tiny, manageable piece of fruit with a couple of bites. The coconut gets smaller and smaller in his hand and before long all of the fibre has been removed from the outer shell – a lot of it sticks to the man’s shirt.”

A cobra that SPITS venom: “A photographer is lucky to be alive after a deadly cobra took offence to his camera – and started squirting lethal poison at him. Riaan Nysschens was at a safari lodge in South Africa when he managed to picture the snake spitting deadly venom through the air – even though the liquid could have easily killed him. The photographic guide grabbed his camera after spotting one of the country’s most dangerous creatures, the Mozambique Spitting Cobra, at the property. ‘A cobra would much rather spit than bite – knowing this I found the opportunity to try and capture the spray of the spitting cobra. ‘As soon as I released it, he went into defence mode and spat at every moving thing. ‘I was very lucky to capture the moment on camera, but I was very nervous. I was less than two metres away from a snake that could have easily killed me.’

Lawn rage: “While many try to tend to their lawns when time allows, it appears some are more offended by neglected lawns than others. Writer Alys Gagnon came home to a harsh note in her letterbox one afternoon from a neighbour, leaving her shocked and frustrated. ‘Mow your grass you pigs,’ the scrawled note read. Sharing an image of her medium length lawn on Facebook, Ms Gagnon took to the platform to express her anger and disbelief at the situation. ‘To the person who left this note in my letterbox, at first I was so ashamed and angry. But now I feel nothing but pity for you,’ Ms Gagnon wrote. ‘You must lead a sad sort of existence if an untidy front lawn prompts you to leave a rude note in a stranger’s letterbox.’ ‘The grass is long, but so is my love for my children, my passion for my husband, my joy in their company, my delight in our friends and my fulfilment from challenging work. I hope one day you find the same.’

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