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It’s a library, in Kansas City, Kansas




Odd news from around the world

Security expert breaks into locked hotel safe in SECONDS: “Travellers are advised to keep valuables locked up in the hotel safe while they are away – but this may not actually be the safest option for keeping them secure. The video, recorded at a Caesars-owned Horseshoe hotel in the US, shows Stickley locking his items in a Registry safe. After confirming the box is secured by a four-digit code, he brings over a tiny screwdriver attached to his keys, and a stretched-out old keyring wire. He then proceeds to remove one of the screws on the box and using the thin metal wire and the screwdriver picks the lock inside within seconds. What’s even more unnerving for travellers is that by keeping his tools in the minute hole, he is easily able to shut and lock the door without any evidence of having been inside.”

Boy shoots and kills thuggish home intruder and discovers it is his father (above): “AN eighteen-year-old boy shot and killed an armed, masked home intruder — unbeknown to him, his dad. Malachi Heisler saw a man, his 46-year-old dad John, pointing a BB gun at his mother — John’s former partner — inside the family home at Lealman, in Pinellas County, Florida, after he had tried to break in through a window, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “In fear for his life, Malachi Heisler fired his weapon striking (John) Heisler in the upper body,” the statement said. Malachi’s mother Jolene Andrews, 46, and her 47-year-old boyfriend Alton Pyles had got up to investigate the window being smashed and encountered a man in full black tactical gear, including a ski mask and thigh holsters, who pointed a gun at them. He had another BB gun in his holster. “He wasn’t a good dad, no f**king father of the year awards,” Malachi, told WFLA. “He wanted to scare us first, then kill us when we were afraid,” he told the Tampa Bay Times.”

What a load of …. : “A man towing a perilous stack of scrap items in his tandem trailer was pulled over and fined by Victoria police on Thursday morning. The 43-year-old man was seen driving along Ferntree Gully Road, in Melbourne’s east, at 11.10am when he was intercepted by Nunawading Highway Patrol. They inspected his car and found that the heap of discarded metallic household objects – which included fridges, lockers, stove, treadmill and even a kitchen sink – were inadequately secured.Police slapped the driver with a set of fines, including ‘having an insecure load’ and ‘using an unsafe vehicle’. The towering load obscured the drivers vision and placed others on the road at serious risk, and upon further inspection, police deemed the car to be in an ‘un-roadworthy condition.’ ‘This was a rolling disaster waiting to happen,’ said Nunawading Highway Patrol’s Senior Constable Everett.”

Hundreds of pages of fan mail sent to Colorado theater gunman James Holmes: “Hundreds of pages of fan mail sent to to crazed movie theater gunman James Holmes reveal the sick obsession scores of people had with the killer. The disturbing letters – mainly from women besotted with Holmes – contain sympathy messages for the man who shot 12 people dead during a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. One of the chilling letters is signed with a lipstick kiss, while others tell Holmes, 27, that he is ‘all I think about’ and say he is as ‘sweet as a dove in the morning dew’. The vast number of letters were sent to Holmes while he was awaiting trial for the bloodbath in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012, which left 12 dead and injured more than 70 innocent theatergoers. The mass murderer sprayed 76 bullets from his rifle, shotgun and 0.40 caliber handgun in the sickening attack. But that did not stop hundreds of people from penning letters of concern, fascination and even love to the demented killer.

Why women love a man who smiles: “James Dean’s brooding demeanour may have left women weak at the knees. But men who are looking for lasting love should ditch the scowl – and smile more instead. Researchers discovered that women who wanted a long-term relationship found men who smiled more attractive. The women also rated the men more trustworthy when they smiled than when they had a neutral expression. However, women looking for a short-term relationship did not find smiling men more appealing, the psychologists from the University of Oslo, and Senshu University in Japan said. Men who seem more trustworthy are a more attractive option for a long-term partnership because it may involve parenting, the researchers said, but the character trait is less important for a short-term fling.

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