A dinosaur or a tank?

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Odd news from around the world

Bitten on the doodle!: “A farmer who urinated in a field was rushed to hospital after a snake bit him on the penis. The 46-year-old came to the emergency room of a hospital in Sringar, in the northern state of Jammu and Kasmir, three hours after suffering the bite. Although the man was stable, his penis was ‘grossly swollen’, and covered in fluid-filled blisters where the snake’s teeth had entered, said doctors describing his case in the New England Journal of Medicine. The snake was identified by the patient as ‘gunas’, the local name for the Levantine viper, a snake whose venom is known to be poisonous. He was immediately tested and it was found his blood was clotting faster than usual due to the snake’s venom. He was given an anti-venom that neutralises the poison of the cobra, common krait and viper. Three days after he began treatment, his blood was clotting normally again and he was allowed to go home. At a follow up two weeks later, he was found to be completely recovered.

Weird. Woman crushes watermelons between her THIGHS: “This is the impressive and slightly bizarre moment a woman crushed three water melons with her thighs in just 14 seconds on live TV. Olga Liaschuk, 30 from Kyiv, Ukraine, is the Guinness world record holder for breaking the fruit with her legs in the fastest time and was invited to share her unique talent with the world on This Morning. The extreme show of strength was staged to celebrate the release of the new Guinness World Records 2016 book and various record breakers were featured on the ITV show. During the humorous segment the woman places the first of the three large water melons and asks whether she is allowed to get started. She crushes it with ease as presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby express their surprise and Salt-N-Pepa track Push It plays in the background.”

Grouchy lady wants to put curfew on oldsters: “A feisty shopper made a bizarre proposal to ban the elderly from entering supermarkets after 5pm. Beverly Macca, from Murrumbeena in Melbourne’s south-east, wrote to the Herald Sun, with the bold suggestion in a Letter to the Editor. She said she was sick of getting ‘stuck behind old people in the check-out line’ when she rushes home from work. Ms Macca questioned why the elderly decided to choose this particular time to shop. ‘Don’t they have the rest of the day to shop?’ the disgruntled customer wrote. ‘A weekday shopping curfew of 5pm for old people should be introduced to make life easier for nine-to-fivers.’ The letter is appropriately titled ‘Go home, old people’.”

A diving dog: “Launching herself off a clifftop into the clear blue water below this is the pet dog who loves nothing better than performing synchronized dives with her owner. Jack Russell terrier Titti was taught to dive by her owner Carmelo Abela, 49, who lives in Malta. The pair often take to St Peter’s Pool on the island and leap off the 12 foot high cliffs together to swim in the water below. Mr Abelo insists though that his dog will only jump if he goes with her and won’t jump by herself. And since footage of the duo emerged online, people have started flocking to Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in south east Malta to catch a glimpse of Titti. ‘She trusts me and whatever I do, she does it. When I tell her to jump, she jumps. Titti was around four months old when Mr Abela taught her to jump from much smaller heights. He says she was hesitant to begin with, but now shows no fear as she hurls herself from the cliff edge to the water below.”

Woman driver!: “A bus driver who drove a double decker into a railway bridge ripping the roof clean off and injuring 17 people was just finishing her first week in the job unsupervised, it has been claimed. Seventeen of those on board the bus in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, were injured and 12 were taken to hospital with a man and woman sustaining ‘serious’ facial injuries. The First number 17 bus is understood to have been on a detour from its normal route when it hit the bridge at around 12.30pm yesterday. Eyewitnesses said they heard ‘a loud bang’ before seeing smoke billowing from the bus which had gone ‘off-route’. The bus had attempted to pass along Milkstone Road when it hit the structure near Rochdale railway station. Video footage taken from the aftermath shows people on the top deck slowly stand up before assessing the devastation around them. The roof of the bus was left lying in the road with its top-deck seat tops clearly visible and surrounded by broken glass.”

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