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A Taliban suicide bomber, stopped and searched by police, was found with a metal shield around his penis. Asked about the purpose of this protection, his response was: “I want to keep my penis intact after the explosion, so as not to have sexual problems when I get my 72 virgins in heaven!”

Do you think his brain maybe in the same place!!!! A real incident in Pakistan….




Odd news from around the world

Most Americans must have died of cancer by now: “Eating just a steak or two a week could give you cancer, World Health Organisation scientists are expected to announce next month. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is forecast to make the bombshell ruling after scientists meet in France to discuss the matter. The meat industry is fearing the worst because the 22-member IARC panel will look at recently published studies which have suggested that there is a link between consuming lots of red or processed meat and bowel cancer risk. The disease, Britain’s second-biggest cancer killer, claims 16,000 lives a year. The meat industry is also concerned because many of the panel members have been associated with studies suggesting a link. Dr Carrie Ruxton, a nutritionist to the UK’s Meat Advisory Panel, said: ‘I hope that the panel members give the matter the objectivity it deserves.’ She added: ‘A recent update of the Epic study (European Prospective Investigation of Cancer) found vegetarians had the same risk of bowel cancer as meat eaters, when averaged out.’”

Rediscovered tunnels in Mexico: “THEY were long believed to have been an urban legend. But now, authorities have confirmed the existence of a series of ancient tunnels in Mexican colonial city of Puebla. “In the urban narrative or urban legends there was word of the tunnels in Puebla, but nobody knew where they were, they had never been seen,” Sergio Vergara Bermejo, manager of the Cultural Heritage and Historical Center of Puebla, told El Universal. The secret passageways could date back to around 500 years. Four entrances to the tunnels were found, along with two structures that were probably old drainage tunnels. Puebla is one of the oldest colonial cities in Mexico, founded around 1531. All the underground structures are filled with mud and silt, and must be excavated. Authorities may open them as a tourist attraction. More than $400,000 has been allocated for the restoration of the tunnels. They are part of hydraulic structures built by the Jesuits in the 16th century.”

Why men REALLY prefer younger women: Researchers say grandmothers are key: “Grandmothers are the key to human evolution, researchers have claimed – and say they also explain why women often find long-term love with a protective, older man. Scientists have linked the role of grandmothers to the human tendency to form monogamous ‘pair bonds’ rather than mating with numerous partners. The evolutionary importance of grandmothers could also explain why older men are often attracted to younger women, anthropologist Kristen Hawkes from the University of Utah said. Human females often live decades past their child-bearing years – and that may have begun with our early Homo relatives 2 million years ago. So older females helped feed the kids, allowing their daughters to have the next baby sooner. By allowing their daughters to have more kids, grandmothers’ longevity genes became increasingly common in the population and human lifespan increased.”

Nightmare restaurateurs finally close down: “Gordon Ramsay didn’t have to use his signature phrase from Hell’s Kitchen and tell the owners of an Arizona restaurant, ‘Your time is done’, because they figured out they were finished on their own. Amy’s Baking Company has closed after the owners were seen yelling at unhappy customers and pocketing employees’ tips during an episode of Ramsay’s other reality show, Kitchen Nightmares. Co-owner Amy Bouzaglo told the Associated Press in July she and husband Samy Bouzaglo were in final negotiations to sell the property and the phone number for their restaurant is disconnected. The couple behind Amy’s drew outrage and ridicule on social media after appearing in the May 2013 episode. Their infamous Scottsdale business closed last week, according to the Arizona Republic. The Bouzaglos behavior on the show was so terrible that Ramsay wished the couple good luck with their business and left, marking the first time the 48-year-old chef had ever walked off an episode”.

Yummy deer’s ear: “This is the heart-warming moment a young female deer allowed a crow to clean out her ears as she stood grazing with her parents in a London park. Amateur photographer Kimberley Plumridge, 56, spotted the young deer, which she estimates to be younger than a year old, grazing with her mum and dad at Bushy Park near Hampton Court. To Kimberley’s surprise, when a crow landed on the deer’s shoulder she didn’t flinch one bit – and allowed it to sit there for more than five minutes. The bird’s head could then be seen bobbing back and forth as it gazed into the deer’s ear, sticking its beak in whenever it spotted a parasite or tick. Kimberley, from Bracknell, Berkshire, said: ‘It was amazing to be able to capture such a trusting relationship between two very different animals. ‘The crow was fixated upon her ear and it was watching intently for ticks, darting its beak in every time it spotted one. ‘It certainly got a full meal as it was doing it for a good five or six minutes”

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