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Odd news from around the world

Female phone addiction has bad outcome: “A young woman has suffered a suspected broken leg and blood clot after a violent attack, allegedly at the hands of an Uber driver. Sascha Pangallo, from Queensland’s Gold Coast ordered a car through the ride-sharing service on Friday night after work ‘as I do on the daily’. However the 24-year-old claims on this occasion she was screamed at, dragged from the car and run over as the driver tried to flee the scene. ‘After refusing to put my destination into his GPS he requested my directing (which I had no problem with) however I was on an important phone call and during one of the directions he snapped and screamed at me in a very aggressive manner,’ she wrote. The Gold Coast woman then claimed the driver continued to scream at her to get out of his car whilst ‘getting very physical, grabbing me and trying to drag me out of the car’. Uber spokesperson Caspar Nixon told Daily Mail Australia the company is assisting authorities with inquiries and that the driver had been removed.”

Tiny black footballer: “He stands at only four-foot-five and weighs a mere 95 pounds. But Adam Reed hasn’t let that stop him from achieving his football dreams. The 17-year-old plays for the Patriots – the nationally-ranked varsity team at American Heritage School in Florida – alongside blue-chip recruits who are twice his weight and tower over him. As a fifth-string running back, he has become a hit with the side’s fans – many of whom gather to snap photos with him after practice. But the senior takes his position on the team very seriously. Adam, who was adopted at just two days’ old, had been playing on the Plantation-based Heritage’s middle school and junior varsity teams since the sixth grade – and had made a big impression. But when he entered his senior year, his age became an issue, Max Preps reports. Adam was left with two options – give up playing, or try to make the varsity team. Thankfully, he decided to do the latter. Despite his size, Adam impressed team coach Mike Rumph with his fast speed and nimble moves.”

Can dynamite cure hot flushes?: “Patches laced with the dynamite ingredient nitroglycerine are being used to treat menopausal hot flushes, offering a possible alternative to hormone-replacement therapy. The compound, which is also found in medication for the heart condition angina, can reduce the frequency of hot-flush episodes in women by up to 70 per cent, according to new research. Up to eight out of ten women in the UK experience symptoms leading up to the menopause, and almost half – 45 per cent – find symptoms difficult to deal with. Hot flushes, one of the most common symptoms, involve a sudden feeling of heat in the upper body, which may start in the face, neck or chest, where the skin may become red and patchy, before spreading elsewhere. The exact cause is not known, but one theory is that the heat control centres in the brain send out faulty signals”

An alarming knock on the door: “An alligator tried to make itself at home in a Louisiana neighborhood this week. The reptile stopped at one La Place home’s porch on Thursday after it originally crept from a storm drain, WVUE reported. Footage of the alligator broadcast by the Fox affiliate shows the reptile making its way over grass and across the street and up a driveway. Later the alligator ‘knocked’ on a front door by slamming it with his head. LaPlace resident Erin Clesi recalled to NOLA.com: ‘A neighbor was on her way to work and spotted it coming out the storm drain. ‘It lifted the steel grating and ended up at my door, banging. ‘Thankfully, a neighbor (Jodi Luna) saw it, and called the Sheriff’s Office and asked them to call us to tell us not to open the door. ‘Nothing like a morning wake up call “Hi, this is the sheriff’s office, don’t open your door, it’s a gator knocking.’ According to NOLA, the alligator measured approximately 9 to 11 feet in length, with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries contacted so the gator could be collected.”

A terrifying Chihuahua named Taco terrifies a burglar: “A pet Chihuahua has scared off an intruder who broke into a house in Melbourne in the early hours of Monday. Named Taco, the petite pooch was sleeping on the master bed a Doveton house along with an American Staffordshire terrier when the burglar appeared. Investigators believe the unknown man, wearing a black hooded top, entered the house through the back door at the Maple Court property about 3.30am. Hearing the call of duty, the tiny white Chihuahua growled to wake his owner – a 31-year-old woman – who then alerted her male partner. Taco’s 45-year-old master, Geoff Clark has told 3AW his partner screamed ‘there’s a man in the house’, prompting him to leap out of bed and give chase while the dogs stayed on the bed. Three children were also in the house but no one was harmed by the burglar, who ran off through the back door. An iPad was the only item stolen from the house.

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