Some walls are more equal than others

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Odd news from around the world

The man with a brewery in his stomach: “IMAGINE being able to brew beer in your stomach without having a drop of alcohol. That may sound like heaven to some, but in fact, it’s a living nightmare. People with auto-brewery syndrome can get drunk simply from eating bread, potatoes or rice. An overgrowth of yeast in the gut causes it to ferment carbs into booze, sending their blood alcohol levels soaring. Breathalyser tests on people with the condition reveal blood alcohol levels that could kill an ordinary person. And the hangovers are horrendous. It took 20 years for 36-year-old Matthew, from Yorkshire, to work out what was wrong with him. “I wasn’t drinking any alcohol, but I was still feeling intoxicated.” Matthew made the most of his time laid up in bed. He ordered medical books online and eventually came across research from the 1980s on something called ‘yeast syndrome’. Managing the condition remains a challenge. Matthew follows a no-carb, Atkins-style diet”

Supermarket advertisies sanitary towels as the perfect Father’s Day present!: “Social media users have taken aim at a supermarket chain for inadvertently offering a Father’s Day special on sanitary towels. The internet erupted with jokes after the mistake made by a store in Wollongong, about 80 kilometres south of Sydney, was revealed. The picture shows a end-aisle stack of Stayfree Ultra Thin products on sale for $4.50, accompanied by a sign that reads: ‘Spoil Dad this Father’s Day.’ ‘Joke of the Day? HaHa!’ Mal Simmonite wrote on the picture, which was posted to the ‘What’s On In Wollongong’ page. ‘Not sure many Dads would appreciate this gift,’ another commented.

A cat that likes baths: “It’s well known that cats hate water – but this ginger kitten spends up to an hour in the bath twice a week. Owner Helen Mason was astonished when her cat Simba started getting into her leftover bathwater. The 24-year-old, from Witham, Essex, discovered her kitten’s love for water after placing him into a bubble bath following an operation. She said: ‘It was bizarre seeing him so happy sitting in the bath just like any child would. ‘The first time I put him in there to clean him I quickly noticed that he loved being washed in the bath. Miss Mason added that she cannot leave water in the bath anymore because Simba just jumps in. She said: ‘I don’t mind him doing it but I am trying to curb his love of baths because he is a cat. When we got Simba I knew he was a bit of a character and not your average cat but I never imagined he’d be like this.’

A sneaky snaky visitor: “Queensland residents be warned, there may be an enormous snake lurking right underneath your toilet seat. Snake catcher Elliot Budd, from Townsville, in north-east Queensland, was called out to a property in Mount Stewart after a group of tradesmen discovered a massive carpet python coiled up in the downstairs loo. ‘It was about three metres long – definitely one of the biggest I have ever relocated,’ Mr Budd told Daily Mail Australia. As the experienced snake wrangler lent in to touch the enormous serpent, it quickly retreated down through the pipes and into the u-bend of the toilet. ‘He was really big and really strong so when he tensed up and held himself in there I couldn’t physically pull him out.’ ‘We lifted the toilet up and was able to get a much better hold of it but he was just in there so tight.’ ‘In the end his head was poking out so I just keep pulling until he eventually started sliding out.’” The house backed on to bush land so Mr Budd said he had no problem finding an isolated spot ‘away from people’ where he could release the lengthy reptile.”

A pop singer who knows how to spell! “This is the amusing moment Harry Styles corrected a One Direction fan’s bad grammar after spotting her sign in the crowd at a show in the US. The singer, 21, motioned for the banner reading ‘Hi Harry. Your so nice’ to be handed to him, before wasting no time in fixing the omission. He took out a pen and added the missing apostrophe and letter ‘e’ to make it ‘You’re so nice’. Looking unimpressed at having to fix the error, Harry then held up the corrected sign to show fans. After the concert in Philadelphia, fan Taelor Ford tweeted the One Direction star: ‘Thank you for signing my poster and correcting my grammar!!’ The 16-year-old later told BBC Newsbeat: ‘I actually wasn’t embarrassed at all, I was kind of happy that I misspelt it. ‘I’m not really good at English at all. But I’m just so happy one of them noticed the sign.’

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    I usually do not believe Snopes, but:

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