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For centuries, Hindu women have worn a red dot on their foreheads. Most of us have naively thought this was connected with tradition or religion, but the Indian embassy in Washington has recently revealed the true story.

When a Hindu woman gets married, she brings a dowry into the union. On her wedding night, the husband scratches off the dot to see whether he has:

won a convenience store,

a gas station,

a donut shop,

a taxi cab, or

a motel in the United States .

If nothing is there, he must remain in India to answer telephones and provide us with Microsoft technical advice.




Odd news from around the world

Vibrating bra claims to increase the size of a woman’s breasts in just seven days – without the need for surgery: “A miracle vibrating bra that can permanently increase the size of a woman’s breasts by one cup size without surgery is being trialed in America, Daily Mail Online can reveal. Serbian inventor Milan Milić, 30, claims the device enlarges breasts, makes them perkier and brings them closer together – in just seven days. Former engineering student Milan began researching alternatives to breast surgery after his girlfriend told him she wanted bigger breasts. The security guard spent months researching the subject as a hobby before making a prototype of his vibrating bra. And now he has brought the device – called the E bra – to the U.S. where two American women have become the first to trial it outside of Europe. The bra, which has only just been patented, has been tested on several women in Europe with staggering results”

Sounds dull: Wedding venue starts using ‘silent fireworks’: “The man behind the Mulberry fashion brand has been forced to use ‘silent fireworks’ at his exclusive wedding venue after neighbours complained of the racket. Roger Saul, who founded the high-fashion British brand, offers couples weddings and receptions at his ‘Secret Gardens’ near the Mulberry Factory Shop in rural Somerset. The gardens at Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet feature stunning lakes and a disused 19th century viaduct – which provided the perfect backdrop for spectacular firework displays. But those living near the picturesque venue complained an ‘exceptionally’ loud display had left firework shells in gardens and had even given a dog a seizure. And now the venue – which costs £6,000 to hire – has promised to restrict itself to so-called ‘mute’ fireworks. Quiet pyrotechnics are often used in built up areas or around children and pets. The lack of a bang means the displays are not as spectacular but music can be used to complement the fireworks.”

Incredibly rare 1928 Bentley was taken apart AND kept in BOXES for more than 50 years: “A Bentley taken apart and kept in boxes for more than 50 years has been restored to its former glory and now could be worth £800,000. The dismantled 1928 4.5-litre Drop Head UP2100 was found at a three-storey house after its owner Stuart Wallace died last year aged 75. Only eight of the rare vehicles were made, and this model’s parts had been gathering dust at the home in Richmond, south-west London. Former English teacher Mr Wallace bought the car for £280 in 1962 but could not afford to run it because he was a student at the time. And with nowhere to store it, he took apart the components and kept them at his townhouse where they remained for 58 years. He even kept a log of every part with photographs – and some were stored in jars of oil in the hope that one day it would be restored. A team of 12 specialists from the Medcalf Collection then spent ten months putting the pieces together to make it fully driveable again”

Mr Bean lives!: “It’s been 25 years since Rowan Atkinson made his TV debut as the lovable, albeit self-centered, Mr Bean. And to celebrate, the talented British actor slipped back into character and took his iconic car, a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000, for a spin outside Buckingham Palace on Friday. In scenes reminiscent of the hugely-popular episode Do-It-Yourself Mr Bean, which first aired in January 1994, Atkinson, now 60, lapped up his surroundings from the comfort of the armchair strapped to the top of his car as it whizzed by the iconic London landmark. And Atkinson seemed delighted to be back in the hot seat as he toured around London, accompanied by his precious friend Teddy. The star pulled a number of his iconic faces as he waved to fans and posed with a celebratory cake. Atkinson revived Mr Bean back in March when he teamed up with Comic Relief for a fifth time to raise money for the charity. Speaking after the sketch had aired, Atkinson told the LA Times that he had been reluctant to revive the narcissistic buffoon because he didn’t want him to grow old.”

Two-year-old boy kept alive by pregnant dog who BREASTFED him after his ‘dead drunk’ mother left him severely neglected: “A severely neglected toddler in Chile was kept alive after a pregnant dog started breastfeeding him. The two-year-old boy, who has not been identified, was spotted feeding from his neighbor’s canine, Reina, after his drunken mother allegedly left him without food or water in the desert port of Arica. Police were called to the scene and the naked infant was taken to Hospital Regional Dr. Juan Noé, some 1,240 miles north of the country’s capital, Santiago, where he was found to be malnourished. He was also suffering from a skin infection and a lice infestation, according to Officials believe the boy – who was seen feeding from Reina (‘Queen’) at a mechanic’s workshop in a poor area of the port on Thursday – may have been saved from starvation by the dog’s breast milk.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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