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Odd news from around the world

A really woolly Australian sheep: “A WILDLY overgrown sheep has been found in the ACT and desperately needs a trim. RSPCA ACT put a call-out for a shearer to help it shave the woolly merino, which it rescued near Canberra today. RSPCA ACT chief executive Tammy Ven Dange told that the organisation found the sheep near the Mulligans Flat area after a public tip-off last week. The organisation has now found a champion shearer, Ian Elkin, to give the sheep a trim, a potentially dangerous operation. “We don’t know if the sheep will survive, he may have to be sheared multiple times and may have underlying health problems. This could put him in shock which we want to avoid,” Ms Van Dange said. Because the sheep has not be shorn for so long, the wool could be hiding serious infections, which could have attracted flies and maggots. The wool may also have stopped the sheep from going to the toilet properly. “We can’t see anything at the moment because of the amount of wool on him,” she said.” [UPDATE: He has now been successfully shorn]

New burger: “STAFF at McDonald’s are likely to receive some bizarre orders after a chef’s weird cheeseburger creation set tongues waging… and salivating. Tym Bussanich, a man who spends his days stuffing your favourite foods into your other favourite foods, has created the `McFry’, deep fried fingers of McDonald’s Cheeseburger. His method involves flattening the burger with a rolling pin, then slicing it, dipping the bits in breadcrumbs and dropping it into the deep fryer. “Oooopppps I did it again!!!’ he wrote on his website. “I hope the internet is ready for it. “The McFry, a concept that came to me because I am tired of boring ass french fries. “FRENCH!!!!!!! So I made it more American!!, he added.”

These are the world’s dumbest crooks: “TWO guys from Sacramento have starred in a real-life gangster flick about the world’s dumbest criminals. Damon Batson and Carlos Gonzalez were arrested after using the live streaming app Periscope to broadcast a bungled home invasion. The two wannabe gangsters started a broadcast on the social media app and said they were going to “ride over there and see what we can do”. Where were they headed exactly? To the house of a gentleman who had been sleeping with one of their girlfriends, of course. The broadcast started to gain popularity as the duo allegedly detailed vague plans to hurt the man. When they arrived at the apartment, the pair was shown knocking on the door as they tried to lure the victim outside. After realising neither the man nor his girlfriend were at the apartment, the would-be standover men left on their merry way… the Sacramento police were tipped off to the broadcast, which stays live on the service for 24 hours after being filmed…. police arrested Gonzalez. His partner in crime was later booked”

Highline daredevil breaks world record: “SCARED of heights? Then don’t attempt what this woman did. Laeticia Gonnon in France has reached incredible heights, breaking the world record for the longest length walked by a woman on a highline. Reaching 120 metres between mountains, Gonnon’s brave attempt to beat the previous record of 105 metres was captured by her photographer friend, Pierre Chauffour. “It only took more or less 10 minutes. But it took four days of hard work and commitment,” Chauffour said. She reaches dizzying heights as she makes her way across the line, and the daunting space below her is emphasised in the still images. The gruelling training Laetitia went through proved to be well worth it as her incredible balance proved second to none as she walked the line over the beautiful sights. The previous record was held by Faith Dickey, an American woman, on high-tech webbing, 105m long a few years ago, but now further heights have been reached by Laetitia on the Line-Spirit branded highline.

Limousine shoes?: “SITTING down on the second floor of NYC’s luxury department store Bloomingdale’s, I slip a fur-lined loafer over my swollen, aching foot. It feels like a warm hug from a cuddly cocker spaniel puppy. After all, I’ve spent all day trying to track down a pair in my size 8. In this shopping mecca, I’m finally able to find fashion’s brass ring of the season – Gucci’s $995 ($A1397) kangaroo-fur-lined unisex loafer with horse-bit detail. Gucci introduced the unisex “Princetown” loafers in February, and they say it’s their most popular shoe in years. These distant cousins of your grandma’s house shoes, from Gucci’s “Princetown” line of fur-trimmed kicks, is the most buzzed-about shoe of the fall. said they were “head over heels” for the shoe. A recent post breathlessly proclaims: “It comes as no surprise that the chief item on’s shopping list was those fur-lined loafers. And the nearly four-figure price tag isn’t slowing down shoppers.”

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