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Odd news from around the world

Man spends four months in prison after he is charged with possession of — Epsom salts: “A man spent four months behind bars after he was charged with possession of the drug ‘ice’, or crystal methamphetamine, until a very delayed forensic analysis revealed it was just salts. The man, from Maryborough, Queensland, was pulled over by police during a routine car check, and arrested after they found a white substance they believed to be ice, according to the Fraser Coast Chronicle. The charges were dropped after results confirmed it was in fact Epsom Salts, but the man’s lawyer, Travis George, criticised the lengthy waiting time for testing results. ‘It has always been a concern for our clients about delay due to awaiting analysis where it is forensic,’ Mr George said. It’s not the first time that the forensics service – known as John Tonge Centre and run by Queensland Health – has come under media spotlight. Despite the bizarre mix-up and increasing public concern, the Queensland government denied that there was a serious backlog”

A lunchtime nap reduces the risk of heart attacks or stroke: “FOLLOW in the footsteps of Winston Churchill to reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Well, you probably shouldn’t adopt his love of cigars and scotch, but if you take his lead on enjoying a lunchtime nap, you will not only reduce your chances of suffering disease, but you could also cut your need for blood pressure medications. New research presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in London found people benefited if they had a snooze, preferably of an hour or more. Sir Winston famously said nature had not intended man to work from 8am until midnight “without that refreshment of blessed oblivion” in the middle of the day. Dr Manolis Kallistratos, a cardiologist at Asklepieion Voula General Hospital in Athens, Greece, who led the new study, said: “Although (poet) William Blake affirms that it is better to think in the morning, act at noon, eat in the evening and sleep at night, noon sleep seems to have beneficial effects.”

Terrifying muzzle designed to keep dog owners safe at night will transform your pooch into a menacing WEREWOLF: “If you have ever felt nervous on a late night walk with your pet dog then this eye-catching and terrifying product may just be for you. Manufactured by a Russian company is a muzzle that can transform any angelic looking pooch into a menacing werewolf. Marina Kurulyova recently became an internet sensation after she posted a picture of her own dog, a giant Schanutzer, wearing the muzzle to the internet. Discussing the product in Russian, the dog lover said: ‘This muzzle is just a comic alternative. It is rather made for fun than for training. Black in colour and with a rather realistic dog nose, the muzzles also boast large bloodied teeth and a snout that appears to be snarling. The muzzle is made of non-toxic plastic and nylon, is harmless for a dog to wear and permits the pooch to open its mouth and breathe easy.

A real white elephant!: “They say that elephants never forget, but this one looks like a morning wash may have slipped its mind. Indeed, with its skin stained by clay and calcite sand it looks like it’s been painted with white emulsion. The elephant was spotted surrounded by zebras at a waterhole in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. The unusual-looking animal was photographed by Namibian amateur photographer Schalk van der Merwe after cooling off from the blazing heat with a mud bath. Once the moisture dried, a residue of dry white calcite sand and white clay was left covering the beast’s leathery skin. The word Etosha means ‘great white place’, after the vast expanse of white, salt-laced earth which forms a pan in the centre of the national park. Elephants like this one gather wherever they can find moisture, wallowing in and splashing themselves with mud and water in an effort to cool off beneath the beating hot sun. When the mud dries they are left caked in the white earth, earning them their reputation as the ‘great white ghosts’ of Etosha.”

Imbecile Swiss climber: “These dramatic pictures show a climber sandwiched between giant sandstone rocks some almost 1,000ft above the ground. Swiss climber Rahel Schelb, 33, scaled the the epic death-defying sandstone walls of the Li Ming region, in Yunnan Province, China. Over 25 days she climbed around 60 routes, ranging from crevices 65ft-100ft high to cracks that stretched all the way from the bottom to the top of the rock face. Ms Schelb used the cracks in the rock-face to haul herself up the vertical ascent, often having to widen holes along the way. Rahel said: ‘For single pitch routes we normally had between 30 and 60 minutes. If the crack led all the way up until the top, it was a day project. ‘Widening cracks are rather challenging climbs and therefore only a few climbers like them. Most climbers prefer parallel cracks. I like all kinds of cracks – therefore I would go for a widening crack from time to time too. ‘Crack climbing demands a certain amount of pain resistance.”

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