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Odd news from around the world

Forget coffee, CAT VIDEOS are the best way to give your body a boost: “Most of us have suffered from that mid-afternoon lull when it’s a struggle to keep our eyes open and we reach for a cup of coffee. But this mid-afternoon pick-me-up can have a dramatic impact on sleep later that night. To help keep people alert, without also damaging their night-time routine, a group of chemists has revealed how to stay awake without caffeine. They suggest a series of ways of boosting the body’s energy levels, including watching viral cat videos, dancing, listening to music and turning on lights. According to the video produced by the American Chemical Society, watching funny videos of cats, while perhaps not the best way to please your boss, can give you a mood boost. This is because watching enjoyable clips can increase the levels of oxytocin, the so-called cuddle hormone, in the brain and decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, making it easier to concentrate. The video also recommends drinking plenty of water.”

Small man syndrome DOES exist: “Small man syndrome really does exist, according to US government scientists. Research showed men who suffer from ‘male discrepancy stress’ – where they feel they are lacking in traditional masculine norms – are at greater risk of committing violent acts. The men who considered themselves less masculine than the average male were nearly three times more likely to have committed violent assaults with a weapon or assaults resulting in injury, the research found. Experts at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, analysed responses from 600 men, aged between 18 and 50. They asked the subject about their perception of male gender, their own self-image and their behaviour in relation to drug-taking, violence and crime. Supporters of the syndrome say that society’s obsession with height forces small men to overcompensate by becoming chippy, more aggressive and – in extreme cases – lust power. The really short dictator was Stalin who stood at around 5ft 4in”

Could incense be nonsense? “From temples in Asia, to hippy hangouts in the West, incense is burned all over the world. But the smoke coming from those fragrant sticks may be more toxic to the body’s cells than cigarette smoke, new research warns. A study found that can incense-smoke is more mutagenic, genotoxic and cytotoxic than cigarette smoke. That means it is able to cause genetic mutations and cause changes in cells’ DNA, all of which can lead to cancer. The researchers hope the study will lead to an evaluation of incense products. However they cautioned the study was small in size and conducted only in rodents – and so firm conclusions about the health effects cannot be drawn from it. And commenting on the study, Dr Nick Robinson, medical adviser to the British Lung Foundation, said it reiterated that many forms of smoke, including that from incense, can be toxic. Given the study’s findings, it might be wise for people with lung disease to avoid burning incense, as well as parents with children whose lungs are developing, he said.”

Father attaches remote control car to son’s baby seat… then takes him for a spin: “Babysitting can be a little boring at times but this father has found the perfect way to keep his toddler – and perhaps more fittingly, himself – entertained. After attaching a powerful remote control car to his young son’s Bumbo Baby Seat, the father took the toddler for his first driving lesson along the pavement. He captured a video of his ingenious baby-car invention as well as his son’s nonchalant expression at being towed at speed around the driveway. Believed to have taken place in North America, the father begins filming as he steers his son down the path from his front door and under his large car. He giggles slightly before moving the remote control car around in a circle on the driveway – the baby looks to be completely at ease as he is towed about behind it. Throughout the video the remote control car shows incredible power in its ability to pull the baby effortlessly. Later in the clip the dad steers the toddler onto the pavement and lets the hammer down so that the car accelerates at speed along the concrete.”

Surprise! Boy, 3, missing after he was last seen playing on the banks of a crocodile-infested river: “Police hold concerns for the welfare of a missing toddler who was last seen playing by the banks of a crocodile-infested river. The three-year-old boy was playing with a group of children near the North Johnstone River area at Innisfail Wharf in far north Queensland on Tuesday when he vanished between 3.30pm and 4pm. The boy has not been seen since and police and volunteers have scoured through the area well into the night as the search continues on Wednesday around the river, wharf area and a nearby park. CCTV footage shows the boy in the area but cameras would not have captured him if he had gone into the water. The boy is described as indigenous. Police said there is no suspicious circumstances surrounding the boy’s disappearance at this stage.” [Crocs not suspicious? The crocs in that river are “freshies”, small crocs unlikely to attack an adult. But they could grab a little kid]

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