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Odd news from around the world

Rafter who lost his phone in river is amazed when it starts posting photos to his Facebook: “A man who lost his phone while rafting was astonished when it started posting photographs to his Facebook account two weeks later. Nathan Buhler, 29, instantly gave up hope on ever seeing his handset again when he accidentally dropped it into the Bow River. But a fortnight later, pictures started appearing on his account – including the phone set up to look like it was driving a fire truck and playing table tennis. He later discovered that Calgary’s No.1 Fire Station firefighters had found the Samsung Galaxy smart phone in 1.5m (5ft) of water. Despite being in the river for nearly two weeks, the phone turned on and was still logged into Mr Buhler’s social media accounts, the Calgary Sun reports. So the rescuers decided to have some fun with the device. Mr Buhler, a power engineer, was alerted to the jokers by his girlfriend who noticed the posts. He went to the station to collect it”

Tokyo’s abandoned homes: “Despite a deeply rooted national aversion to waste, discarded homes are spreading across Japan like a blight in a garden. Long-term vacancy rates have climbed significantly higher than in the United States or Europe, and some eight million dwellings are now unoccupied, according to a government count. Nearly half of them have been forsaken completely – neither for sale nor for rent, they simply sit there, in varying states of disrepair. These ghost homes are the most visible sign of human retreat in a country where the population peaked a half-decade ago and is forecast to fall by a third over the next 50 years. Many of Japan’s vacant houses have been inherited by people who have no use for them and yet are unable to sell because of a shortage of interested buyers. But demolishing them involves tactful questions about property rights, and about who should pay the costs. The government passed a law this year to promote demolition of the most dilapidated homes, but experts say the tide of newly emptied ones will be hard to stop.”

The perfect cream tea: “Ascot racecourse may be famous for being the home of UK racing, but is now weighing in on another favourite British past-time – afternoon tea. To mark its upcoming Festival of Food & Wine Race Weekend, the brains behind the racecourse have enlisted the help of food scientist Dr Stuart Farrimond to calculate the perfect formula for a flawless cream tea. For the ideal serving, the scones should be cut at certain time after leaving the oven to avoid ‘fragmentation’ and the cake, cream, jam ratio should be exactly 4:3:3. The food scientist insists that Devon-style is the most popular – where the cream goes on first, and then the jam. The perfect afternoon tea should therefore consist of a 40g scone, served with 30g of cream and 30g of jam. For those who like to be exact with their measurements, the scone should take up only 2cm, and the cream and jam, 1cm each. Dr Farrimond insisted that this allows the tea lover to reach the ‘hedonic breakpoint’, whereby the richness of the cream dilutes the sweetness of the jam, and each bite is the optimum sweetness for appreciating all the flavours.” [What the English call a scone, many Americans call a biscuit]

Not a good start to a marriage: “It’s said that marriage is all about compromise, and a British couple did just that when they incorporated two very different visions into their one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Bride Kia Parsons, 27, wanted a traditional white cake while groom Billy Bunning, 41, wanted to include superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics on their big day on August 14. So the Milton Keynes, England, couple enlisted Tier By Tier’s Julia Baker in hopes of bringing their vision to life with a double-take cake without ‘turning our big day into a children’s party’. Baker, who operates out of her home, is known for constructing traditional wedding cakes with surprise decorations. From the front, the creation appeared to be an elegant, white four-tiered cake, but when turned around, tiers featuring Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Batman steal the show. ‘From most angles of the room the cake looked like a traditional wedding cake, just what we had wanted,’ she said. ‘It wasn’t until the cake was moved for us to cut that our guests realized there was a hidden extra.’

Passengers’ shock as their taxi pulls up with a THREE-YEAR-OLD driver: “Taxi passengers in Ireland received the shock of their lives when a cab they ordered trundled up with a grinning three-year-old at the wheel. But he was no joy rider. A hilarious video reveals that the tiny blond boy was taking to the roads as part of an elaborate prank. The boy’s father was disguised and covered up to look like the car’s seat, while actually driving the vehicle. The car was actually being driven by the boy’s father – hidden inside a specially designed seat up front. The stunt was organised by taxi-hailing app Hailo to celebrate its third birthday and everyone appeared to be taken in by the illusion, despite the driver’s seat being strangely lumpy. Several Dubliners immediately begin laughing at the sight, while others still approached the vehicle with caution. The little boy, called Kai, also gets into his new role, reading the morning paper from behind the steering wheel and even enjoying a cup of coffee alongside two other cabbies.”

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