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Odd news from around the world

PINEAPPLE allergy?: “A woman has been hospitalised after suffering an allergic reaction to pineapple which was mistakenly put on her Domino’s Pizza – just one day after the pizza parlour tweeted the bizarre claim that half of their customers love pineapple. Staff at Domino’s Pizza in Roseville in north Sydney, near Chatswood, mistakenly put a slice of pineapple on Lily Coleman’s pepperoni pizza on Saturday night. And in an awkward coincidence, the most recent post on Domino’s Australia Twitter page reads that: ‘49% of people LOVE pineapple on their pizza!’. Clearly, you can count this Sydney woman as part of the 51% who do not appreciate the tropical fruit. On Sunday evening, Domino’s offered the customers a refund for the pizza in question, as well as a free future pizza, a spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia, and also offered to reimburse the woman with any associated medical costs.”

A fighting cow: “Dramatic footage has emerged of an ‘only in New Zealand’ car chase, where the police are pursuing a cow instead of a criminal. In the see-it-to-believe-it video, a police car follows a belligerent bovine down a street, lights flashing, before an officer repeatedly shoots the creature. Spectators follow in a car of their own, recording the scenes of the officer shooting the beast after it charges him. The shocked reaction of the onlookers can be heard in the video During the video, recorded on Monday morning in Whangarei, in New Zealand’s North Island, vehicles are still using the street as the scene unfolds. It was not known where the cow came from, but it had charged a man in a wheelchair and nearly knocked a police officer down during its rampage, One News reported.

Unusual dog: “June Lincoln’s pet Bandit is a raccoon dog and looks so much like his namesake that people think she has a wild animal on a lead. But like any other dog, four-month-old Bandit enjoys going for walks and can sit on command. Despite its name, the raccoon dog – or tanuki as its undomesticated counterpart is also known – is not related to its namesake and actually part of the canid family, which includes dogs and wolves. However because raccoon dogs are also closely linked to a species of fox, it is in Bandit’s nature to steal and June, 57, has been unable to stop him. He even sports a striped face like a classic ‘burglar’. Living up to his name, Bandit has been known to steal everything from food from June’s other dogs to McDonald’s burgers from her hand. June, from Mold in North Wales, said: ‘Bandit turns heads wherever he goes and people stop me in the street all the time. They all think he is a raccoon or a badger – no one can believe he is a dog.

Cat escapes being a Chinese meal: “A cat used one of its nine lives after a charity saved it from being slaughtered by a Chinese butcher. The controversial Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival in China claims the lives of thousands of stray or stolen animals each year. This year, a small white cat was photographed climbing the side of the horrific slaughterhouse enclosure, while dozens of other felines sat in the overcrowded space. However the Humane Society International’s rescue workers made sure that her life did not end there after spotting the cat named Huru. At the very last moment, they saved her life and a few other lucky cats and dogs. Huru has been cleaned up and is now recovering at the Washington Animal Rescue League. Huru will spend some time adjusting to her new life and then be looking for a loving family. According to the Humane Society, as many as 10million dogs are killed for food annually in China, with up to 10,000 killed for the Yulin festival.”

Survivalist survives: “A Washington man stood his ground in the face of the massive wildfires ripping through the state and escaped unscathed thanks to his bunker-like concrete dome home. John Belles’ home near Riverside, Washington was built to stand up to the many threats from mother nature in the rugged region, but no one could have been completely sure it was safe to be inside while surrounded by a raging fire. ‘The fire was at this draw right here,’ Belles told KPTV. ‘We didn’t have time to do much of anything. The fire was like 30 yards or so to the north of me when I decided to go into the building.’ But the dome, which Belles built in 1999, remained completely intact. It also saved his life this weekend. Once the 20-foot wall of flames had passed, it had caused ‘no damage whatsoever’ to the house, Belles said. The Okanogan Complex of wildfires was measured at 374 square miles Sunday morning, after growing more than 100 miles larger Saturday in what fire officials said was a relatively calm fire day.”

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