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Odd news from around the world

A Liliput cop?: “Two Queensland police officers have posed for a photo that has gone viral, proving that height is no barrier for joining the force. Constables John and Monique, based in Cairns, far north Queensland, are shown in the photo standing back-to-back highlighting the height difference. Standing at a colossal six foot nine, Constable John has had over 15 years experience with the Queensland Police. Meanwhile Constable Monique, standing at just over five foot tall, joined the Queensland Police five years ago starting on the Gold Coast and then transferring to Cairns. ‘This photo encapsulates how things have changed in the Queensland police and the diversity within the service,’ a Queensland Police service spokesperson said. [She wouldn’t be much use in a fight]

Will dressing like a ZEBRA save you from a shark?: “After a spate of vicious shark attacks on the east coast of Australia, surfers are now donning striped wetsuits and splashing their boards with black and white lines in a bid to deter sharks from noticing them. Emanuel Agiannidis, a 24-year-old surfer who manages a backpackers hostel in Byron Bay, recently purchased a striped wetsuit, in what he calls an ‘insurance policy’ to protect him from curious sharks. The premise is simple enough – sharks have difficulty identifying colours, but work well with tones and contrast – so black and white banding plays with their recognition of shapes, disrupting their vision and leaving them confused. The research was first brought to public attention in a 2013 Tedtalk, with neurobiologist Nathan Hart from the University Of Western Australia saying the black and white stripes also mimicked various seasnakes and fish – animals that have successfully been able to repel sharks.”

Tourist adopts stray dog that saved her after she was attacked: “GEORGIA Bradley was relaxing in paradise when her bliss suddenly turned to fear. The 25-year-old tourist was soaking up the sun on a remote beach in Greece while her boyfriend was at a nearby cafe, when she was approached by two men she didn’t know. Ms Bradley says they started harassing her and became aggressive when she rejected their advances. “I decided to go for a walk along the beach, and found two Greek men who kept harassing me to go out for a drink,” Ms Bradley said. “I kept telling them I didn’t want to. “Then one of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen. Help came in an unexpected form: A small, black dog suddenly ran over and started barking at the men, scaring them off. It even followed her back to her apartment. She searched for the dog for five weeks, and eventually found it at Georgioupoli beach in Crete, the same place where she had been harassed. Once it was confirmed to be a stray, Ms Bradley adopted Pepper and brought it back to the UK.”

Dolphins, whales – and a sea lion! Unlikely friends frolicking together off Sydney Beach: “A man has captured rare and breath-taking footage of two whales frolicking in the water alongside a pod of dolphins and a sea lion. The spectacular video, which has been viewed more than 6,000 times, was filmed using a drone that was hovering just over a kilometre off the coast of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach on Friday afternoon. Finn said he spotted the unlikely crew playing together when he launched the drone off the northern end of Bondi Beach. ‘That’s a huge sea lion at the very start,’ he wrote on Facebook. ‘He’s playing with the dolphins and basically trying to be a whale.’ The sea lion can be seen swimming to the left of a large whale, believed to be a humpback, that happens to breach at the precise moment a pod of dolphins dart into view. It is not uncommon to see sea lions or dolphins in the area. However it is rare to see the three interacting together

World’s most expensive dollhouse crafted over 13 years by carpenters, goldsmiths and glassblowers worth $8.5MILLION: “The most valuable dollhouse in the world, worth a staggering $8.5million, is going on display for the first time. The hand-made ‘Astolat Dollhouse Castle’ was designed and built over a 13-year period by Colorado-based miniature artist Elaine Diehl in the 1980s. She modeled it after Tennyson’s Lady of Shallot and commissioned fine craftsmen from around the world to build over 10,000 handcrafted interior pieces, which she combined with furniture and decorations from antique dolls’ houses. These carpenters, goldsmiths, glass blowers, and silversmiths made incredible miniatures – including a tiny baby grand piano valued at over $7,000, a minute Bible from 1811 valued in the thousands and an adorable signed drop leaf secretary desk valued at over $5,000.

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