Here is good old American knowhow at its best

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Odd news from around the world

Giant raspberry: “A new supersized raspberry is helping to boost demand for the summer fruit. Tesco says the arrival of the Berry Jewel, pictured alongside a traditional raspberry, is a ‘major breakthrough in quality’ and has helped stoke demand. Last year British growers produced more than 10,600 tonnes of raspberries but the supermarket chain believes this may rise by a third, weather permitting. The new type of raspberry is distinctive for its large, plump cone shape, strong aroma and sweet, tangy taste. The Berry Jewel was bred by Peter Vinson of Faversham in Kent. He said: ‘Berry Jewel is the culmination of 12 years’ work developing a variety which would bring about a wow factor for shoppers and make them consider raspberries in a new way.’ Tesco berry buyer Simon Mandelbaum is equally excited about the new raspberry. ‘The Berry Jewel offers such an extraordinary taste that we believe it is easily the best raspberry being grown in the UK today,’ he said.”

Couple recreates kitchen from The Simpsons in their own home: “A Canadian couple has recreated the iconic cartoon kitchen from the The Simpsons in their own home, copying every aspect of the much-loved TV family’s own space, from the blue and yellow tiled floor to the corn-on-the-cob curtains. Fortunately for the couple, their kitchen was already a similar layout to Marge’s, so all they had to do was match the patterns and colors. One of the major obstacles however – perhaps unsurprisingly – was that the distinctive corn-themed, curtains are not available in any home-furnishing store, so Marcia made those herself. The couple then went out to purchase items like utensil holders and cooking tools to match the ones seen on the series. They’re now on the lookout for ‘retro-inspired’ avocado-green appliances. The appliances, cupboards, and counters are simply covered with contact paper and they added bright blue doorknobs to the cupboards.”

Dumb black asked for interview at police station over stolen jewellery wore victim’s earrings: “A WOMAN accused of involvement in the theft of jewellery wore a pair of the victim’s earrings when asked to attend a police interview. Candace McCray, 36, worked as a nurse’s aide in January 2014 at an assisted-living facility in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida when an 85-year-old patient realised some of her jewellery had gone missing. The patient reported it to Palm Beach Gardens Police Station. Detectives ascertained the names of all staff who had access to the woman’s room and after an investigation discovered that McCray had pawned numerous pieces of jewellery at a pawn shop in West Palm Beach. When she attended the interview, detectives immediately recognised the earrings she was wearing were part of the stolen jewellery. McCray is charged with dealing in stolen property, false verification of ownership and theft from a person 65 years or older.”

Baby found locked in a hotel room safe: “A BABY has been found alive, locked in a hotel room safe. A maintenance worker was called to unlock the safe to free the baby at the Howard Johnson Hotel By The Falls at the popular tourist attraction Niagara Falls, Ontario in Canada. The baby was “alert and crying,” Niagara Regional Police Service said when the worker unlocked the safe within 20 minutes. The parents of the baby, who were on holiday from Brooklyn, New York City, left the hotel before police arrived. Detective Sergeant Scott Kraushar, of Niagara regional police’s child abuse unit, said that the six month old was too young to crawl into the safe alone. “We are not anticipating charges at the time,” Sgt Kraushar told the New York Daily News. “But we need to speak to the family to answer questions and ensure the welfare of the infant. There is no information on how the baby ended up locked in the safe.”

Is this the world’s most unstoppable vehicle? “An armoured off-roader capable of withstanding blasts from ballistic missiles and smashing through walls has been pictured roaring through a testing facility. The Marauder, described as being the world’s most unstoppable vehicle, was put through its paces near Pretoria in South Africa. With its six cylinder turbo diesel engine, the armoured car can hit speeds of up to 75mph on road, and is strong enough to survive a land mine explosion. The military vehicle makes light work of rough terrain, despite weighing up to 20 tons when fully kitted-out with protective casing. The Paramount Group, who make the vehicle, have received thousands of enquiries from members of the public eager to buy one of the Marauders – but the company only sells them to governments. The Marauder is also filmed driving through water and tackling muddy hills. It was originally developed for peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions. The vehicle holds a crew of two in the front with space for eight fully equipped troops in the back.”

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