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Odd news from around the world

Boeing patents ‘transformer’ drone that can fly in the air and turn into a submarine: “Boeing has patented an amphibious drone that can covert from a plane into a submarine at the touch of a button. It would allow spy drones to follow divers, or even deliver goods to submarines. Boeing’s drone is launched aboard a large carrier aircraft and then separated near its target spot for entering the water. When the craft hits the water, parts of its rear wings, stabilizer and one of its sets of propelling blades detach to make it more manoeuvrable underwater. A buoyancy tank controls the depth of the craft underwater, while a second set of propellers are used for it to manoeuvre. When the flying-turned-swimming drone surfaces, it can then transmit data back to its mission control. To remove its heavy wings and stabilizer upon entering the water, the patent proposes the use of explosive bolts or a salt water-soluble glue to enable the detachment of flying mode-only parts.”

Turkish whistling language scientists say is unique because it uses BOTH sides of the brain: “Researchers have found a Turkish language based on whistles is unique as it uses both sides of the brain. Generally speaking, language processing is a job for the brain’s left hemisphere, whether it is spoken, written, or signed. However, researchers have discovered an exception to this rule: whistled Turkish. Whistled Turkish is exactly what it sounds like: Turkish that has been adapted into a series of whistles. This method of communicating was popular in the old days, before the advent of telephones, in small villages in Turkey as a means for long-distance communication. In comparison to spoken Turkish, whistled Turkish carries much farther. ‘You can’t articulate as loud as you can whistle, so whistled language can be heard kilometers away across steep canyons and high mountains.’ Whistled Turkish isn’t a distinct language from Turkish, Güntürkün said. It is Turkish converted into a different form, much as the text you are now reading is English converted into written form.

Consecrated virgin, 38, marries God: “You have probably heard of the groom’s name – Jesus Christ. But you are unlikely to have heard of his bride – Indiana high school teacher Jessica Hayes. The 38-year-old joined an elite band of ‘consecrated virgins’ when she ‘got married’ to the son of God in downtown Fort Wayne at the weekend. The consecrated virgins are similar to nuns in that they live chaste lives. But they do not live in convents and they are not obliged to take on any particular work for the Catholic Church. However, most volunteer for their local diocese or Church associations. Hayes, who is a theology teacher at Bishop Dwenger High School in Fort Wayne, said she decided to become a consecrated virgin after years of prayer and soul-searching. She says she will continue to live her normal life at home – only now she will not be able to get married to anyone else or to have sex for the rest of her life.”

Parrot swore at its owner’s step-mother after being trained for two years to hurl abuse: “A parrot was ordered to appear at a police station in India – after being trained to hurl abuse at his owner’s elderly stepmother. The parrot, named Hariyal, was trained for two years by owner Suresh Sakharkar to insult his stepmother Janabai every time she passed his home in the Indian province of Maharashtra. The two were locked in a dispute over property, according to local newspapers. Eventually, 85-year-old Janabai got fed up with being the subject of the bird’s rude outbursts, and demanded the police take action. But it seems the parrot knew when to keep its beak shut. When he arrived at Rajura police station, Hariyal did not utter a word. But this has not saved his bacon entirely. Bemused officers have decided they are unable to lock the foul-mouthed bird up, but have handed it to the state’s forest department.”

Shark cage was too boring: “Fletcher Davies is a 20-year-old Sydney surfer, but he found himself face to face with a school of inquisitive Galapagos sharks off the coastline of the North Shore of Hawaii last month. The laidback board-rider was in the main town of Hale’iwa to represent Australia in the world championships in paddleboarding, when a friend suggested he tried free-diving with sharks. ‘The sharks are so chilled out it’s unbelievable,’ Mr Davies told Daily Mail Australia. Mr Davies quickly grew bored of the cage enclosure, venturing into the pristine blue water to get closer. Fighting the common belief that Galapagos sharks are an aggressive and dangerous breed, Mr Davies commented: ‘They’re just really curious animals. He recalled one encounter when a playful shark swam directly into his face as he focused on taking a selfie with another. ‘I was trying to take a photo with my GoPro – I pushed him away and jabbed him with the stick and he swam off straight away… they’re really just curious on what’s going on”

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