When reality strikes

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Odd news from around the world

Restaurant refuses to throw out man with boa constrictor around his neck: “A man who walked into a restaurant with a boa constructor was allowed to stay after telling workers there that it was a ‘service animal’. The unnamed male diner insisted he had to keep the snake with him at El Puente Mexican Restaurant in Nixa, Missouri, because it helped him with his depression. When terrified customers asked the manager to throw out the man – and his pet – they were wrongly told the pair had to stay under disability laws. The restaurant boss could, in fact, have told the man to leave because dogs are the only ‘service animals’ mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act. ‘The rule states that other animals, whether wild or domestic, do not qualify as service animals.’

Chinese farmer swindles thousands of dollars by opening fake BANK: “A Chinese man made thousands of dollar by opening a fake branch of one of the world’s largest banks. The man, whose surname is Zhang, equipped the fraudulent China Construction Bank outlet with card readers, passbooks and three teenage girls at the teller counter. One of the girls posing at the branch near Linyi, Shandong province, was the man’s 15-year-old daughter. The farmer ran the ‘ghost bank’ for a month before a woman who deposited $6,200 could not withdraw it from a real branch. The managers there spotted the fake deposit and contacted the police. Mr Zhang told Shandong Television that he had formally applied to join a commercial bank network but had not been approved, the Financial Times reported. A spokesman for Lanling County Police said: ‘If someone came requesting to withdraw the money, they would say that their network hadn’t been established yet”

Wife of British far-Leftist is a capitalist exploiter: “Luxury coffee sold from the home of Labour leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn is produced by poverty-stricken Mexican farmers, some of whom have earned less than the country’s minimum wage, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Laura Alvarez, the politician’s third wife, runs a business selling organic beans, and boasts that those who make it are paid ‘a fair wage and enjoy good conditions of employment’. But this newspaper has discovered that Café Mam is produced by farmers in Mexico’s poorest state, who earn just 93p for each 500g bag that Ms Alvarez sells for £10. Workers are living in tiny shacks with their families. They also had to take turns to sleep in their factory to stop thieves stealing the machinery and wrecking their livelihood. Miss Alvarez, 46, who was born in Mexico, is the third wife of Mr Corbyn, the 66-year-old MP for Islington North”

Wife kicks out ‘world’s most annoying husband’: “A wife has kicked out her husband after he tattooed a six-and-a-half-inch penis down his thigh. Stuart Valentino, previously been dubbed the ‘world’s most annoying husband’, inked the comedy phallus so it pokes out of his boxer shorts. But it was the last straw for the prankster’s long-suffering wife who decided enough was enough and dumped him. The 34-year-old, who admits the tattoo is ‘the stupidest thing he has ever done’ has now been kicked out of their home in Southsea, Hampshire. The truck driver says the ‘joke’ has ruined his life. He was even banned from taking his three-year-old daughter swimming because of the obscene tattoo. Wife of two years Samantha, 35, had bought her husband the tattoo gun as a Christmas present. But she was left to regret the gift after Stuart got drunk and permanently inked the design on his thigh.”

Ostentatious Muslim wedding in Australia: “A deputy mayor whose wedding ceremony kicked off with a grand helicopter entrance followed by a motorcade of luxury cars has been criticised for planning his lavish wedding without consulting with local police about traffic congestion. Salim Mehajer, deputy mayor of Auburn, a suburb in Sydney’s west, had a celebrity-style wedding on Saturday. And while some local residents appeared to enjoy the entertainment, which included the groom stepping out on to a red carpet before being greeted with a camera crew and an entourage – others were not impressed. Auburn councillor Irene Simms told Fairfax media that although Mr Mehajer, who is also a property developer, ​had been granted approval to land a helicopter in a council park, she had still heard ‘numerous complaints’ about the occasion. ‘I wish him every happiness in his marriage but this not the way to make friends with your neighbours,’ she said.”

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