The Greek problem solved

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But maybe it’s only oldies who even remember greaseproof paper as sandwich wrappings etc




Odd news from around the world

There are still samurai in Japan: “Japanese police have arrested a man accused of bursting into a lawyer’s office and cutting off his penis with garden shears before flushing it down a toilet. Local media reports said Ikki Kodukai, a 24-year-old Tokyo graduate student, may have carried out the horrifying act in revenge over his wife’s romantic involvement with the 42-year-old victim. Police said Kodukai, who was arrested shortly after the alleged attack, punched the unnamed lawyer several times before prying off his pants and then severing his ‘lower body part’ with the shears. The husband, said to be a skilled boxer, was arrested shortly afterwards. Questioned about what he had done with the severed organ, Kodukai is said to have told officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department that he had flushed it down the toilet. The lawyer, who has not been named, is receiving hospital treatment, but his immediate condition was not known. Witnesses claimed that although he’d lost a lot of blood, his life was not in any danger.”

Australia’s powerful owl: “A Sydney man is ‘gobsmacked’ after seeing an owl attack a possum the size of a little pet dog. Noel Kessel was walking on Link Road, St Ives, on Sydney’s north shore, about 9.30pm on Sunday when the ringtail possum he was photographing was carried off by a powerful owl. ‘This bird flew past, clipped my head . . . It was a big owl, and the poor possum was just squealing away. ‘It just flew to another tree and started to hack at its neck.’ Mr Kessel, who had never seen a powerful owl before, said the ‘pretty impressive’ attack happened in an urban area. ‘You don’t expect that in suburbia.’ The New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage website described the powerful owl as the largest owl in Australasia. Adults can have wingspans up to 140cm, reach a length of 60cm, and weigh as much as 1.45kg.

When it was cool and unusual to be fat: KFC ad from the 1970s: “An animated advertisement from the 1970s which seemingly champions child obesity has emerged. The bizarre ad features rotund children who claim to ‘get thinner’ as they wait for a meal of KFC while on a family road trip. After stopping and getting a box of greasy fried chicken from the fast food store, the jingle in the minute-long video sings of the overweight children ‘feeling better inside’. The final lines of the song proclaim ‘a drive isn’t funny, with an empty tummy, thank goodness for Kentucky Fried’. Closing the ad is a scene of farm animals eating a meal outside a KFC outlet. The ad is in stark contrast to many modern fast food advertisements which feature slim people and offer healthy eating options. Users commenting on the ad claim to distinctly remember the jingle it used. Based on comments, the ad seemed to have been created in Australia and was also shown in New Zealand.

Whale knew where to find help: “A group of young fishermen have captured an incredible selfie with a whale after it swam up and seemed to ask them for help removing plastic bags caught in its mouth. The friendly whale nudged their boat as it made a surprise appearance in Middle Harbour, north of Sydney. The men soon noticed the whale, which circled the boat and swam underneath it, was asking for help and pulled out rubbish bags and fishing lines stuck in its mouth. ‘He just popped his head up so you could reach out and remove the garbage. ‘You could see that big eye coming out watching us. They are not dumb for sure.’ The large mammal swam from one boat to another until the garbage caught in its mouth was removed. After the rubbish is removed from the whale’s mouth, the creature is seen swimming away while flapping its fin – apparently showing its appreciation.

World’s smallest trailer home?: “This miniature caravan might look better suited to ‘cramping’ than ‘glamping’ – but despite its diminutive size, it still boasts a full-size double bed and fully-equipped kitchen. The Tardis-like creation has been taking campsites by storm this summer because at just eight feet long, it’s so small that it can be easily towed. But its nifty design also hides a secret compartment that slides out to almost double the living space in less than 30 seconds, meaning it can comfortably sleep two adults with room to spare. Made from timber and fibreglass, the retro-looking pod is chock full of modern conveniences, like a flatscreen TV. The bed can be rearranged to make a comfy lounge complete with a pull-out table, while a compartment at the back of the caravan lifts up to reveal an open-air kitchen with two hobs, a fridge and a sink. The top of the range Gidget will set buyers back 22,000 Australian dollars, or around £10,000.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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