So sad about Cecil the lion

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Odd news from around the world

Man has four curtain rings that were stuck around his penis removed by firefighters: “A man was left red-faced after calling the fire brigade to remove four curtain rings which had got stuck around his penis. The 50-year-old was taken to Carlos Holmes Trujillo Hospital, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, when the metal rings got stuck on his manhood. But, medical professionals at the hospital did not have the necessary equipment to perform the removal and had to call in the fire service. Firefighters spent more than an hour to cut the man’s member free after being called by doctors in the Cali hospital. They used specialist cutting tools and careful released his penis from the rings, which was needed to avoid irreparable damage. The stricken man, whose has not been named, is still recovering in hospital. The fire brigade in Colombia said this type of incident occurs three to four times each year, as some people try to be creative to enhance their sexual pleasure.”

Strange Chinese burgers: “The coloured bun is the latest fad in fast food as restaurants compete to produce the most eye–catching burgers in a rainbow of hues. After the McDonald’s black burger and Burger King’s scarlet creation, KFC China has now sandwiched its chicken leg patty with cheese between two pink buns. The fast food giant introduced the unusual new burger to its summer menu, along with another fried option wedged between black buns. According to The Nangfang the limited edition treats consist of the Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg burger and the Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger. The official advertising shows two plump burgers bursting with bright green lettuce, a tomato slice, and the firm buns flecked with seeds. But fast food fans have taken to Instagram to share their own experience of the bizarre meals, which appear quite different in reality to the pictures in the ads. From fast food fans’ pictures the rose burger’s bun is more anaemic in real life and lacks the moulded appearance in the campaign imagery.”

458 glossy pages of crap: “The September issue of Vogue: the style maven’s autumn-winter bible. The most important edition of the most important magazine in Britain’s £30billion fashion industry. At least that’s what we’re always being told. There’s an ‘Eighties inspired’ fashion shoot that, as well as featuring some of the most preposterous items of clothing I’ve ever seen (vinyl shirt, anyone?) also features make-up that not even Boy George would be seen dead in. The word hideous doesn’t begin to do it justice: the model looks like she’s fallen asleep in my daughter’s paintbox. On the catwalk at Balmain, a dreadful cacophony. Purple. Orange. Stripes. Fringing. And the kind of gems that would make Dame Edna blush. Indeed, in her monthly editorial letter, even Alexandra Shulman, the magazine’s brilliant and highly accomplished editor-in-chief, sounds a note of disbelief. ‘Personally, I’m not so sure all these shouty clothes will rush off the rails.’ Stunned silence. Because in fashion-speak, that’s tantamount to saying: ‘This stuff’s hideous.’

Lady’s fancy shoe jams escalator: “It’s only fitting that a designer shoe breaks the escalator at the Condé Nast headquarters in New York. A Christian Louboutin heel got wedged into an escalator at the famed mass media company’s office located within One World Trade Center on Thursday. The red bottom heel found its way into the cracks of the escalator and temporarily caused it to stop running. Shoe designer Nareesha McCaffrey, 26, owned up to the pricey shoe being hers, which retails for $675 a pair. ‘I left you guys a souvenir. RIP my @louboutinworld it just died at the Condé Nast,’ McCaffrey captioned a photo she shared of the black pump on Instagram.

Eagle wipes out a drone: “A wedge-tailed eagle proved just how territorial birds can be when it mounted a mid-air attack on a drone and wiped it out of the sky with its talons. The incredible footage captured the moment the eagle decided to strike after it spotted the unmanned aerial vehicle and flew at it from the branch of a tree in Australia. In the brief clip the bird of prey can be seen picking up speed and flying with purpose. Anticipating the attack, the operator of the drone attempts to steer the camera out of the way and begins flying upwards. However, the drone is well within the predator’s sights and the eagle collides with it, knocking it out of the sky with its talons. The drone is sent spinning to the ground at speed where it eventually lands among the foliage. Writing online after posting the video to YouTube, the filmmaker said that the massive eagle was fine after the incident. He added: ‘The drone needed some attention before it could fly again.’

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