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Odd news from around the world

Calendar blooper: “IT’S the police dog calendar that has landed officials in a steaming pile of the proverbial. The 2016 Queensland Police Dog Squad calendar, launched at the Ekka last week by Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller and Assistant Commissioner Alistair Dawson, was meant to showcase the work of the police service’s four-legged finest and raise funds for charity. Instead, almost 20,000 copies of the $20 canine crime-fighter calendars have had to be pulped because they contain a litany of wrong dates. Dates are out of order for June, the month of August starts on a Friday when it should be a Monday, and September 12 is missing. The recalled calendars, who were proof-read by “multiple stakeholders”, were produced by Queensland Police Service at a cost of $17,000. The howler has left Ms Miller and Police Commissioner Ian Stewart barking mad and officials who proofed the calendar in the doghouse.”

Shark’s lives matter?: “A social media backlash has erupted after photos of an enormous tiger shark’s corpse on board a fishing boat surfaced on Wednesday. The images-which were posted by Byron Bay resident Geoff Brooks-show the colossal six metre predator on board a commercial shark fishing boat in Nine Mile Reef in northern New South Wales. Social media users have voiced their outrage after the images, which come during a push from surfers in northern NSW for a shark cull following an unprecedented surge in attacks. On Brook’s original Facebook post, which has been shared nearly 350 times, a string of users argued the enormous tiger shark should not have been killed. ‘Why?? Such an incredible specimen. Deserves to live as nature intended!’ Denby Sheather wrote. ‘Human beings ego just can’t stand having any other animal above them on the food chain is my thought,’ wrote Reshin Puna.”

Unpopular purple: “A family in Missouri say they are being threatened with jail over the purple colour of their play set in the back yard. “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” mother Marla Stout told FOX 4. Evidently the community home owners association is threatening to sue the family if it is not removed in the next two weeks, claiming it is not harmonious with other colours in the neighbourhood. “There’s nothing in the rules about colour,” she said. “What it says is it has to be harmonious with the community and with nature and there is nothing that dictates the colour of the swing set.” Ms Stout said the HOA sent her a letter saying she didn’t get the playset properly approved before they built it and that the colour needed pre-approval. The family isn’t backing down though and has lawyered-up in anticipation of the ridiculous fight.

Rich kid sets his Ferrari 458 Italia on fire because he wanted a new one: “A SWISS millionaire officially has the brattiest child in the world. The man’s unnamed 20-year-old son intentionally set his $400,000 Ferrari 458 Italia on fire, hoping to get insurance money to buy the Italian company’s newer, better, faster model. Let’s just take a second to think about the horrible situation the kid was in — not only was his Ferrari no longer the newest, best model he could buy, but he was only receiving $13,000 a month in allowance money. Oh, and the fact he only has 14 other cars, including peasant models like a Lamborghini. So the kid, went out and hired two people, for close to $20,000 each to take his car through the nearby Swiss border into Germany and set it on fire. But unfortunately for our unlucky and hard-done-by 20-year-old, the whole act of arson was caught by pesky security cameras. Darn you security companies! So now, his Ferrari has been completely destroyed, he’s getting 22 months probation and a $44,000 fine and he only has 14 cars left.

Sneaky octopus tricks its prey by TAPPING shrimps on the shoulder so they run straight into its clutches: “Lunch is a pantomime for an octopus that fools its prey into thinking it is behind it. The larger Pacific striped octopus sneaks up on tasty shrimp, stretches one arm around it and taps it on the far shoulder – a common playground prank in schools around the world. The startled shrimp then runs for safety, straight into its attacker’s arms and belly. Most octopus simply snatch their prey with their long grasping arms in ambush attacks, usually by springing out of cover. ‘When this octopus sees a shrimp at a distance, it compresses itself and creeps up, extends an arm up and over the shrimp, touches it on the far side and either catches it or scares it into its other arms.’ The larger Pacific striped octopus is typically found living in water around 150 feet deep on muddy, sandy plains at the mouth of rivers, where it shelters in old shells or in rock cavities.”

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