Clever mouse

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Tiny harvest mouse balances between wheat stalks




Odd news from around the world

The perfect MISTRESS revealed: “Married men looking to have an affair seek blonde-haired students with athletic physiques and a passion for yoga, according to a ‘sugar daddy’ dating website. Qualities adulterers look for in their bit on the side also included green eyes, a 32D bust and an open mind. The findings have been revealed by Seeking Arrangements – the company that matches wealthy male benefactors with young, attractive females – after it collected data from 486,000 of its online users to discover what traits make up the perfect mistress. According to the findings, which included nearly half a million participants, men looking to cheat prefer a mistress between the ages of 26 and 31 years old. Aesthetically, women with blonde hair (61 per cent), green eyes (47 per cent), and an athletic build (33 per cent) were the most popular among men. And while Caucasian (32 per cent) women were the most desired ethnicity, Asian (30 per cent) women came in a close second.”

Woman cracks egg to find FOUR yolks inside: “Despite staggeringly long odds of 11 billion to one – a wife recently cracked open an egg to find four yolks inside. The freak egg already appeared great value before it was cracked, as it was three times the size of a normal egg and weighed nearly four ounces. But shopper Jan Long, 63, could never have imagined it would be a quadruple-yolker – probably the only one of its kind produced in Britain this year. She paid £1.45 for a pack of half a dozen eggs with the giant included and shared it with husband Richard for breakfast yesterday morning – eating the yolks on toast. She said: ‘It was wonderful. I cooked it for my husband and it was delicious. I thought it tasted much richer than a normal egg. There was a much more powerful eggy taste.”

German man who fled Czechoslovakia during Second World War returns to his family home after 70 years and discovers the possessions his father hid in the roof are still there: “An elderly German man, who fled with his family from Czechoslovakia after World War II, has discovered the possessions secretly left hidden by his father in the roof of their old family home. Rudi Schlattner was forced to flee the family home as part of a mass expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after President Edvard Benes ordered the ‘final solution of the German question’ by evicting all ethnic Germans from the country. After knocking on the wooden panels in the loft, Mr Schlattner found a small piece of string hanging from one of the panels. When he pulled it, a set of shelves were revealed, filled with the long lost secret possessions. Mr Schlattner’s lost treasures will now be held in a museum in the town of Usti nad Labem as the Czech government’s rules dictate that all German property left behind is now owned by the state.”

The dog that kept growing: “As fibs go, it was a whopper: when Sue Markham’s husband Robert said he didn’t want a ‘big dog’, she told him the puppy they had adopted was a Jack Russell. But the 1lb 5oz ‘terrier’, christened Yogi but known to all as Bear, just kept growing and growing… into a 15-stone Boston Great Dane. Now aged nine, Yogi has his own three-acre paddock for exercise, gets through £160 worth of food a month – including four scrambled eggs and sausages for breakfast each day – and wears a horse coat when it’s cold outside. Mrs Markham, 57, said: ‘When I saw Bear I fell in love with him and knew I wanted him but I knew Robert didn’t want a big dog. ‘So I told a little fib and said he was a Jack Russell. But it started to become fairly obvious when Bear dwarfed any other dogs in the village, so the game was up.’ Mr Markham, a refinery worker, said he couldn’t be annoyed at his wife’s fib as he had ‘fallen in love’ with Bear”

The sea of 96MILLION plastic balls that LA hopes will save it from drought: “With no apparent relief to California’s record-breaking drought, Los Angeles has turned to more unusual methods to protect the city’s water. Officials recently released 96 million floating ‘shade balls’ into the 75-acre Los Angeles Reservoir in Sylmar, California. The black plastic balls are designed to help protect the water against dust, rain, chemicals and wildlife, as well as prevent 300 million gallons of water from evaporating each year. The plastic black balls, around the size of an apple, cost 36 cents each. They float on the surface and block the sun’s rays to prevent water from evaporating. By doing this, they prevent the chemical reaction that creates the carcinogenic compound bromate. The balls work by floating on the surface and blocking the sun’s rays.”

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